Check Out Telstra's New Uniforms

In what the telco is calling its biggest uniform shakeup since it changed from Telecom Australia in the early 1990s, Telstra has unveiled new uniforms for its corporate, retail and field technical staff. So, how do they look?

It took 18 months to design the new uniforms in collaboration with Australian designer Ginger & Smart. The designers said that the mix of man-made and natural fabrics used in the new uniforms are designed to fit into what each staff member will be doing, whether it's working in a store environment through to checking out a telephone exchange. Though, according to Telstra, the most important design was that of the retail uniform.

Inese Kingsmill, Telstra's head of corporate marketing, said in a statement that "the check shirt was a key piece for us. Telstra’s retail employees welcome around 30 million customers into their stores each year so we wanted to design a shirt that made them feel handsome, respected and approachable to customers while also allowing individual employees to inject their personality into the uniform."

The uniform change has been brought about to align with Telstra's new "Life In Full Colour" branding that went live on Telstra stores, offices and vehicles last year.

What do you think of the new uniforms?



    I love this company & I will work their for my whole career
    But even I dont "Love" the new uniforms shown

    Telstra had a Fantastic idea when they decided to update our logo with a sea of different colours
    The uniforms should have also followed this idea, red, pink, purple, green, yellow options to show Telstra's life in full colour

    farmer want a wife lol

      Yes the uniforms were supposedly designed with our input......haven't spoken to anyone who would have dreamt of any thing sooo cheesy.

    I love this printed shirt they look very very nice ... Can't wait to join Telstra...

    If it took 18mths to design with a bit of luck it may take that long to roll out to all stores and by then flannel shirts may be back in fashion (again) as a 'Retro Concept'. Cause it sure ain't 'on trend' now. Did anyone consider size 26 and 5XL! What a sight.

    all they need is cowboy hat , hitching post out the front and a horse , dreadful only suit size 6 people .

    It's ironically humorous to read these comments in hindsight, knowing full well that the very next fashion trend that arose after these uniforms released were small check shirts either country styling. Or maybe it's just standard Telstra bashing and has nothing to do with the actual design? Never....

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