Check Out Telstra's New Uniforms

In what the telco is calling its biggest uniform shakeup since it changed from Telecom Australia in the early 1990s, Telstra has unveiled new uniforms for its corporate, retail and field technical staff. So, how do they look?

It took 18 months to design the new uniforms in collaboration with Australian designer Ginger & Smart. The designers said that the mix of man-made and natural fabrics used in the new uniforms are designed to fit into what each staff member will be doing, whether it's working in a store environment through to checking out a telephone exchange. Though, according to Telstra, the most important design was that of the retail uniform.

Inese Kingsmill, Telstra's head of corporate marketing, said in a statement that "the check shirt was a key piece for us. Telstra’s retail employees welcome around 30 million customers into their stores each year so we wanted to design a shirt that made them feel handsome, respected and approachable to customers while also allowing individual employees to inject their personality into the uniform."

The uniform change has been brought about to align with Telstra's new "Life In Full Colour" branding that went live on Telstra stores, offices and vehicles last year.

What do you think of the new uniforms?



    Actually for retail uniforms they are certainly a shift from the boring droll that most other tech organisatinos make their staff wear.

    You can dress a turd up in a dinner jacket. Its still a turd. Still worst customer service. Call centres in Manilla..

      so how is optus and voda any better? at least they don't put u on hold for an hour

      I've had rubbish overseas customer service from Optus and Voda too. At least Telstra give me phone reception, which is what I'm paying for.

    Oh, my dad is going to be pissed when he gets back from holidays to be told he has to dress like a hipster farmer when he goes to work.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Look closer. Somebody liked it, so they put a ring on it.

        Nevermind, it's her middle finger. You're all good

      hands off - she's spoken for!

    To me they look like either a primary school uniform or something a farmer would wear. They're not bad, but they don't exactly scream "high quality, professional company" or "buy our stuff".

    Telstra wants a wife...

    I guess futuristic and snazzy as a look was already taken by Vodafone!

    As long as they resolve my problems in a timely and professional manner they can come to work dressed in fookin morris dancer costumes for all I care.

    Those new uniforms are totally hideous. So glad I'm not in a customer facing area, so I can avoid it like the plague. Total waste of money and resources to come with this bogan/hick style whick looks totally un-proffessional.

      Company wide. FYI.

    I think this uniform is much better, it looks like a workers outift, not an office drone.

      A tradesman maybe...? No workers dress like that that I know off... blue shirts with hi-viz reflective stripes and/or hi-viz vests over the top seems to be all the rage now.
      Unfortunately I've gotten to know a bit about the corporate uniform biz from the inside... people like Telstra usually go with custom made polo shirts, as do all the big mining companies for their workers, as well as hospitals... and a zillion other businesses.
      Interestingly, the people in the more hands on "worker" roles as opposed to the "office drone" roles normally need far bigger sizes: 3XL, 4XL, even 5XL and bigger... So it seems being out there working away doesn't necessarily make you fitter.

    omg hideous. burn them, go with something else!

    I think you're all missing the point!! It's double as a picnic table cloth!

    Can I interest you in a bundled up package of 100gb download and large jar of ranch-style salad dressing??

    They'll be the coolest people in the Philippines!

    Telstra us right about one thing. It has a lot of diversity in its staff. There are a lot of metalheads, Goths and other modern subcultures working here. These checkered bogan shirts are going to feel like iron chains if they try to enforce it in the call centres.

      They won't enforce it in the call centres. They'd have to pay for uniforms for people that are never seen by a customer.
      Also, at least in the center I work in, they can barely enforce a business casual dress code. I wear jeans and connies every single day to work and no one says a word.
      That said, my wife works in a store that has these new uniforms. They're comfortable, well made and don't look TOO bad - she even managed to swipe one for me to wear to work occasionally!

    I like it.

    I dunno I reckon it worked in their favour. All you mf's are talking about them.

    Looks like crap.... I'll just roll my hay bale in and ask for some wifi in the country !

    Hrm, I've a feeling that Coles is going to be a bit upset about this, because a check shirt for them typically means management. Not low store level (currently typically white) but main store manager to the varying branches of head office envoys including the CEO.

      have you seen the new concept stores? You would be happily informed that they are wearing almost the exact same design as these

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Cotton Eye Joe for Telstra hold music!

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