Check Out Telstra's New Uniforms

In what the telco is calling its biggest uniform shakeup since it changed from Telecom Australia in the early 1990s, Telstra has unveiled new uniforms for its corporate, retail and field technical staff. So, how do they look?

It took 18 months to design the new uniforms in collaboration with Australian designer Ginger & Smart. The designers said that the mix of man-made and natural fabrics used in the new uniforms are designed to fit into what each staff member will be doing, whether it's working in a store environment through to checking out a telephone exchange. Though, according to Telstra, the most important design was that of the retail uniform.

Inese Kingsmill, Telstra's head of corporate marketing, said in a statement that "the check shirt was a key piece for us. Telstra’s retail employees welcome around 30 million customers into their stores each year so we wanted to design a shirt that made them feel handsome, respected and approachable to customers while also allowing individual employees to inject their personality into the uniform."

The uniform change has been brought about to align with Telstra's new "Life In Full Colour" branding that went live on Telstra stores, offices and vehicles last year.

What do you think of the new uniforms?



    I'd give them two years, max.

      it took them 2 years to decide they wanted to go with this one, the last uniform lasted like 10 years

        i'd give the person who suggested this 2 months

    telstra, you is so trending dogg, dang

    chicks gotta fix her hair, its almost about to topple her over


      Haha, I came here to post this exact comment, letter for letter.

    Phone number for the woman on the left please!! :o)

      thats a dude on the left ;P

        preeeetty sure that's a woman, graham.

          i would imagine he is looking at the other photo. it was a joke son

      It's an Optus number though

    Now see... I never had any doubt that Telstra was being run by a bunch of Bogans . This just confirms it. :)

      pluz one yo.

    Not so sure on the little elbow patch bit, but otherwise, I'd happily wear one.

    Will they be wearing these in india?

    better than the siberian polos my corporate rolls out. i reckon I might start wearing a check top and hanging in T-shops handing out bogus advice.

    'Do you need some help ma'am? I see you've hit on our most popular model. This one can be controlled by wriggling your eyebrows allowing truly hands-free operation. Have a go while I get the high voltage rapid feedback learning-harness'

    I have no respect for companies that make their staff wear uniforms. It's an archaic practice and degrading.

      I have no respect for companies that make their staff wear clothes. It’s an archaic practice and degrading.

        I have no respect for companies that have staff. It's an archaic practice and degrading.

          I have no respect. It's an archaic practice and degrading.

            I have no respect

              You guys got it easy!

        So you'd be happy to walk into an Apple store to see a majority of the staff with their dong hanging out? Eeewww.......

          Not all the staff in the Apple store are male.

            That's not the point.

          Nothing new there...

        wsDK_II - are you advocating a naked workplace?

      A lot of people actually like it. Firstly, it avoids the constant requirement to decide what to wear (especially for women) and, secondly, the purchase cost (which is often subsidised) and cleaning is tax deductible, which ordinary clothing is not.

      But for those who's daily workwear is a pair of old jeans and a smelly t-shirt, I guess is may appear archaic. :)

      in a busy retail environment where you have dozens of people running around the store, uniforms serve the important purpose of identifying who in the store is a customer and who is a staff member.
      It also adds consistency to the brand image, a very important feature for a company trying to change its public perception

        "important purpose of identifying who in the store is a customer "

        From my experience with Telstra stores, this must be so they can avoid having to talk to them.

    Looks like Telstra is heading. Into the cattle rustling business than tech

      Considering they already treat their customers like cattle after they've made a sale, I'd say they're already in that business.

    Next: all new Telstra corporate vehicle leases will be 300hp V8 Commodores with Chevy badges...

      Probably more like Utes. With bullbars. And truck mudflaps. And three 30ft UHF antennas.

        If only!!!

        That's Vodafone though. They need it for reception

    Seriously who cares? Since when was uniform news worthy of reporting on a tech website, the love affair with Telstra from this website is going a bit far don't you think.....

      I think it is important to let people know - you dont want to be walking into a Telstra shop thinking you just teleported to the nearest trendy farm

        I'm pretty sure the giant Telstra logo and complete lack of customer service from the staff will properly inform them as to where they are pretty quickly.....

          To be honest the service is getting better i have found.

    Damn cotton pickin' tobacco chewing rednecks... get off my lawn!

    I now expect all staff to be given company cars resembling the General Lees, all resplendant with the Confederacy Flag!!!!

    welcome to telstra wodonga! bring in your fully sick stato and do a burnout for a free upgrade

    So to tiny hot chicks, they'll look good.

    To everyone else, they'll look like a farmer from the 70's.

      I was in there today and thinking how truly awful these shirts are. Too feminine for the guys and too daggy for the girls. Hard to think of who they might actually look good on.. Maybe Jessica Simpson, with jeans, cowboy boots and the shirt tied at the waist?

    Billstra have never seemed more working class or trustworthy.

    If it's a corporate uniform, then they can probably claim a tax deduction for laundry.

    "...we wanted to design a shirt that made them feel handsome, respected and approachable to customers..". So why did you put them in flannelette shirts? Hey Telstra, the 80's called, they want their fashion back!

    It's a good old fashioned hoedown.

      ... without the hoes... nor the fashion. :(

    Wow the new uniforms really look ugly, could not pay me enough to wear something that hideous, what is this the wild outdoors theme for inside replete with fake checked patterns that make your eyes water!

    I am a lumberjack and I am ok.... now they just need coyboy hats!

      I was thinking exactly that! Two songs came to mind - the Lumberjack and "Thank God I'm a country boy". They should sponsor Farmer Wants A Wife (they have the only networks out there anyway)...

    This is hideous. If they try to make me wear these, I would rather be fired and starve. No, no, no, no.

    Looks like flanny PJs

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