Check-In Shopping Service Facedeals Uses Your Facebook Like History To Sweeten The Deal

Facedeals may still only be in its trial period, but the Foursquare-like deals program that uses facial-recognition software to check you in on Facebook when you enter participating businessed is sure to incite all manner of responses when it's rolled out for the general user.

Relying on the preauthorisation of its proprietary app via your Facebook profile, Facedeals maps the current physical appearance of your face by scanning your most recently tagged photos. When you enter a participating business, a custom-developed Facedeals camera will scan your face and automatically check you in. Then Facedeals will send personalised deals and discounts, based on your Facebook "like" history, directly to your smartphone.

The standalone Facedeals cameras have been developed around open source -- including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, OpenCV, and the Facebook Graph API -- and can be configured remotely and require only a standard 110-volt wall outlet and a wifi connection.

Facedeals, as mentioned earlier, is still being tested and tweaked by Red Pepper Land (the ad agency/invention lab pioneering the project) and is seeking further funding. [Facedeals via DesignTaxi]



    My face, my copyright. You want pics of it for commercial purposes? You pay. End of.

    $500 per image. Take it or leave it.

    My face? get out of it.

    Big Brother for Stalkbook. Great now for everyone using the app we will know your not at home - and exactly where you are. Don't love this at all.

    It's beginning to look more like minority report than ever before...

    If you want to broadcast every shop/club/workplace you go to and are too lazy to check in yourself, by all means sign up to this. I want to know more about the cameras and the tech behind them, sounds interesting.

    As for me, hahahahahahahahayeahno. I'll choose what goes up and when.

    Interesting! I work in this space (proximity marketing) at a start-up, so competitive analysis is important to us and this was interesting. This is basically an agency touting, not a start-up - most likely this will never see the light of day except to show how innovative these guys are to clients (to brands, basically). The give-away? The product name they have chosen is parked by a squatter for 25k+- the FIRST thing you do is check the domain is available at a decent price (or better yet, available:-) Still cool!

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