Built-In Projector Actually Makes This Media Player Even Worse

Desperately clinging to a product category that smartphones have all but wiped out, this tiny media player has its sights set on the iPod Shuffle. It hopes to take some market share with a built-in projector that only succeeds in making this device even worse.

Being able to enjoy videos and other media on a projected 60-inch screen sounds awesome, right? Unfortunately the size of this projector means that is never going to happen. There's no mention of how bright it is -- its lumens rating -- which basically means for best results you'll want to use it in a completely dark room -- or, better yet, near a black hole. As a media player, it can handle pretty much every file type the internet can throw at it, but its tiny form factor means there's also a tiny battery in there. So don't expect to be enjoying movies for any longer than half an hour. Save your $US100 and go to the movies a bunch of times.

[Brando via Technabob]



    Could be a nice backpacker toy.

    Every so often you find yourself in a cheap hotel room alone at night and all there is on the box is something in a foreign language.

    I have a Sony camera with a projector on the back of the LCD display. I imagine it's the same quality as this one with it being so tiny. I like to use it to impress friends and show movies on the go without having multiple people crowd around me to see the tiny LCD screen. But you do need at least a dimmed room for it to work well. And the tiny speakers inside it suck of course.

    wait a minute projectors need a dim room?

    Can I ask why you posted about this Andrew?
    You haven't tried it - just voice your concerns as fact - and offer no new information on the product what-so-ever.
    I don't know if it's any good, but it's painfully obvious that neither do you.
    As the others have stated, these devices have their uses.

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