Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Sell Your Black Magic Elsewhere, Says eBay
Did the psychics see it coming?

Dell’s XPS Duo 12 Might Have The Best Laptop Of The Hybrid Combinations
I hope the frame holding that swivelling screen isn’t as flimsy as it looks.

Dell’s XPS 10 Tablet Is What A Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Is Supposed To Look Like
It’s gonna be fun keeping up with the tiny differences between models.

Did Scientists Just Find A Cure For Malaria?
We’ll have to wait until at least 2014 to know for sure.

Of Course You Need A 2TB 10,000RPM Hard Drive With Two Thunderbolt Ports
But I also need that the $900 you want for it.

Acer’s Got An Awesome-Looking New 11-inch Touchscreen Ultrabook
Damn, it looks like even I couldn’t break it.

Image: ultrakml/Flickr