Blunderbuss Slingshot Cannon Is Definitely Not Perfect For Firing Molotov Cocktails, Not At All

There's really no reason slingshots should be limited to firing rocks and balls, or even just things that are small. That's why Joerg Sprave, slingshot extraordinaire, built the Blunderbuss Cannon. It's perfect for firing glass bottles, full of non-hazardous liquids, of course.

Because of its slingshot-crossbow-bazooka-like design, the Blunderbuss has all kinds of ammunition options, and of course, Sprave isn't shy about showing a bunch of them off. All the best — and most dangerous — ones, he's content to just mention and warn against. But you can imagine how awesome they'd be. Not that you would ever use them, if you had the chance. Of course you wouldn't. [YouTube]

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