Blogger Invoices Local News After They Rip His Video From YouTube

Blogger Michael McKisson got a bit of a surprise when he turned on the TV and saw a familiar video. The clip, which McKisson had filmed and uploaded to YouTube for his own blog, was featured in a story on the local news.

McKisson had not given them permission to use the video, and noticed that they didn't attribute the clip to him either. Slightly miffed, he decided to bill them for his services. McKisson shared his plan with Jim Romenesko:

"I have sent an email to the news director with an invoice attached for the use of the video footage. I billed them $US300. I figured a decent rate was $US100 per hour and I worked at least 3 hours shooting, editing and posting the video."

The news director has responded, and said they'll be looking into things, but apparently still hasn't decided if the station will pay McKisson what he's asking for. At the very least they could have asked, or given him credit even if they didn't. But now that it's a bit late for all that, some cash might be able to make things right. []

Image by S. Tsuji/Shutterstock

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