Bigger Galaxy Note Set To Launch August 29

Samsung's updated Galaxy Note is on the way, with Samsung confirming that its Galaxy Note 2 is scheduled to be the star of its showing at this year's IFA trade show.

As we saw with the amazing amount of fuss generated by the Galaxy S III announcement, Samsung's not actually calling the phone the Galaxy Note 2 yet, instead referring to it as just the "next Galaxy Note". The news comes from Reuters, which quotes a Samsung employee saying: "We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29."

Specs are a little thin on the ground at the moment, with only some previous speculation regarding the screen size out there, which claims the new Note will be a little larger that the first one. Yes, you read that right. Larger.

Rumours suggest it will come with a 5.5"; display running at an impressive 1680×1050 resolution. My arm feels tired just thinking about it. [Reuters via Android Police]



    The "New" Galaxy Note, anyone? Apple would have a field day. lol.

    Also, that screen size and resolution are ridiculous... In a good way.

      Why does Apple have the exclusive use of the English language now? Is this not a new comment?!

        I think Ethan is making the point that the recent shift by Apple away from using consecutive numbers for new models seems to already be picked up by samsung here. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Just anything these companies do that is similar will draw attention at the moment.

        On another note....why do they need a bigger Note? Its pretty much qualifies as a tablet now right? I got the current one through work and I dont know what to do with it. Too big for a phone, too small for a useful tablet device.

          It's only rumour until Samsung confirms it, but apparently this will be the same size overall as the previous Note but will reduce the bezel to allow for a bigger screen. I guess that would make it appealing for new customers looking for a Note, but I don't think anyone would upgrade for that reason alone.

      They said "Next", not "New".

      That also doesn't mean it won't eventually be called the Note 2, either.

    Its called a phablet now...

      I guess it's just me, but Phablet sounds wrong...

      What's next, F-apps? AHAH, aww, I feel bad.

      Urgh I hate that word. To me it seems... derogatory? Or perhaps a little dismissive
      It's an ugly word used to mock and undermine
      I'm not a Samsung fanboy but I think these larger phone types will find their place in the market and other companies will follow suite and bring out their own maxi-phone models

        God, I hope you're not right on that one. Maxi-Phones, what a horrible thing to make.

    Tried the Note while I was in Taiwan and found it unusable, I'm 6"2 and I couldnt use it, whereas the person who owned it was a 5"4 Taiwanese girl. She loved it though, had to keep it in a bigger bag than she normally could have with her old phone, but she really did like the size.

    Different strokes I guess

    They'll keep the current physical size, just utilize the screen surface area to better advantage. I'm 6'3 and can't see any problems regarding my hight and my use of my note, it's the best thing going.

      Hm, I just didnt know a good measure for hands, mine are really big, so I thought I'd use height. Her hands are tiny and mine are large, that's basically what I was trying to say with the height.

      I just found the thing way too had to hold comfortably in one hand and reach the off switch on the side, or reach across/up/diagonally on the screen with my thumb. It also felt like it was out of balance in my hand when I would stretch to reach something with my thumb.

      Then again, she had to stretch more, most of the time used 2 hands, and she loved it. I guess it's just not my thing.

    I asked my friend in the Telstra shop the other day if they were getting it and she said she didn't know.

    She also mentioned that the current Note is no longer available for order. Hopefully this means Telstra will have the "Note 2" as soon as its released.

    That's my next upgrade.

    I use to think the Samsung Galaxy Note was the perfect size. After playing with the Nexus 7 I think closer to 7 inches is better. People might think it is ridiculous to hold such a big device to your ear, but that is only because it is not seen as a normal size for a phone. The Nexus 7 is easy to hold with one hand and I would be happy to use it as a phone.

      You could also do what I did - bluetooth headset. No need to hold the phone to your ear.

    Details are irrelevant unless it supports 1800MHz LTE.

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