Aviiq Ready Clips USB Cables Review: Stylish But Stiff

Aviiq Ready Clips USB Cables Review: Stylish But Stiff

If you frequently lug a laptop around, you know how horrible it is when your cables tangle into a homogenous mess. Aviiq’s Ready Clips USB cables solve the problem with a nice bit of style.

What Is It?

Portable, stylish USB cables with microUSB, miniUSB and Apple 30-pin connectors.

Who’s It For?

The gadget fiend on the go.

Sharp angles, a stiff charcoal-coloured body, bright accent colours and pocket clips. Not your average cable.

Using It

Slip them in a bag or pocket, and use them like any other USB cable.

The Best Part

They don’t tangle. Ever.

Tragic Flaw

They’re too rigid. The same thing that makes these cables so great and non-tangly makes them maddening to use.

This Is Weird…

The microUSB cable wouldn’t fit the connector on the Sony RX100. The cable works with other devices, and the RX100 works with other MicroUSB cables. Bizarre.

Test Notes

  • Used in various configurations with a MacBook Pro, iPhone, Mophie, mini Belkin power strip and a Sony DSC-RX100 camera.
  • Without a flat surface and 6-10 inches of room directly in front of whatever port you’re plugging into, they’re useless. (Unless you just hold both devices in your hands.)
  • These cables actually got a compliment. That’s a first.

Should You Buy It?

Ultimately, no. These cables aren’t horrible. They actually have some nice qualities to them. But the inflexible shape really limits how you can position your devices when connected. Instead, just go for a super short cable that’s more bendy. Certainly not as flashy, but ultimately much more versatile.

Aviiq USB Cables

•Connectivity: Apple 30-pin, microUSB, miniUSB
• Dimensions: 4.7 inches x 0.6 inches x 0.3 inches
• Weight: 13g
• Price: $US30 RRP