Australians Can Stream TV Episodes, Seasons From Xbox 360 Now

Australians Can Stream TV Episodes, Seasons From Xbox 360 Now

If you’ve got an Xbox 360, you’ve never been short of a decent amount of TV content to stream to your console thanks to FOXTEL on Xbox. Now though, Microsoft is adding TV streaming and downloading to Australian consoles.

The news hasn’t been announced just yet, but a few people have got in touch and pointed us at a local URL that indicates the service is already live. Microsoft Australia have told us that it has been there for about two weeks now.

From the screenshots, you’ll be able to stream shows like 24, New Girl, Futurama and The Cleveland Show from the Zune Marketplace.

You’ll be able to buy a season pass to specific shows, so that you can not only get instant downloads, but you’ll also score a moderate discount on the content.

All the video will be streamed to your console in 1080p high-definition, so you won’t be wanting for quality either, and everything you download to stream on your Xbox 360 can also be played back on your Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 PC.

Microsoft Australia is getting back to us on pricing for individual shows and season passes, and with a list of the shows that are online right now and will be online in the next few months. What shows do you want to see?

Thanks to Brent for pointing this out to us!