Australian Guy Invents A Fix For The iPhone's Changing Dock Connector

The release of the iPhone 5 should be a happy time. A time where we get excited about big, new gadget releases and start pulling it to bits to find out how it works. But, lo: a cloud hangs over this iPhone day. Nobody is quite sure if their old peripherals and accessories will be made redundant by Apple changing the 30-pin dock connector. Don't fret though, because an Australian bloke with a 3D printer and a few magnets should fix everything. Sort of.

This little contraption is called the MAGdapter. Clumsy name aside, basically it's a case that wraps around your iPhone (or any other device for that matter) and gives it a new magnetic docking connector down the bottom. The magnetic plate is removable and can be swapped out for either a 30-pin connector, a microUSB connector or even the theoretical connector for the new range of iDevices. You know, if that ends up happening.

The dock is an Alpha prototype right now, but even in this video we can see that when the device docks into its magnetic home, it both charges the device and transmits audio.

Sean O'Dwyer is the inventor of the MAGdapter, and he's looking to put it up as a Kickstarter project before the launch of the new iPhone. He's told us that it should set you back around $35 if you want to back the project.

Image: Image render via Melablog



    I'm so glad this happened before the iPhone even came out. There's too many devices which need the old dock connector. I'm even happier that he is Australian. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

      I knew it was only a matter of time before adaptors came out. Well done Sean!

    Cool device, nice work.

    Vertical Video Syndrome is real

      thank you for this.


      it's a very loosely used term these days. Apparently even things like 'ipods' are 'invented', meaning someone also 'invented' the toyota camry.

    Heh, looks like Apple will lose all that money it hoped to make forcing people to buy their over priced proprietary converters. Good on him..

    You have to use a certain case? No dice. Is everyone here daft? with in weeks there will be HUNDREDs of knock off adapters on eBay for a fraction of the price. Look up dock extenders to see what they will look like.

    I was already planning on buying a Bluetooth adapter and buying good quality iPhone docks at run out prices :D

    I don't see the point of this. It is likely that Apple would have one ready to ship with the iPhone 5, at probably a lower price point. Not overly inovative either - just taking what others have speculated on already.

    I think this guy need to learn a little about video before he makes his next demo. TURN THE PHONE ON ITS SIDE.

    now patent it to show apple what its like to be on the other end of the fight

      Troll the patent troll.
      now that is Irony.

    As a member of the team that helped developed MAGdapter, i would like to confirm that the MAGdapter system is patented. It is also novel and inventive over apple patents due to the fact that it is a two part system and is more orientated towards retrofitting. The MAGdapter system doesn't require use of a particular case and can in fact be used without one. Instead the adapter sits within the standard apple dock connector and protrudes slightly (3mm on the alpha version in the above video however the finished product will be under 1mm) from the bottom of the device . MAGdapter also has the benefit of allowing the phone to be docked and un-docked a lot easier as it uses magnets (hence the name) to pull the phone into the perfectly aligned position meaning no more issues with placing your device on the dock when in the dark etc.

    So.... some guy has "invented" something based on rumors and speculation, supposed part leaks, and rendered photos?

    And he wants people to fund it upfront when no real information exists?


      Nooo, he's retrofitted it to the 30pin connector, but there's no reason why they couldn't release an iphone 5 version with the new dock connector, if anything does happen.....


    Does no one remember this? Are that article and the Italian blog that it references just poorly referenced or is there something fishy going on here?

      Ok, just realised this article credits which kind of just confuses me more. Did this guy see that rendering and just completely ape it, or is he responsible for the rendering and it's been floating around for ages and GizAU have just decided to report on the Aussie link just now?

        I just put the top image up there for illustration purposes. We've used it before when talking about the dock connector changing. Sorry for the confusion.

          So is this australian developer responsible for that image? It he's not I'd say it's a pretty far stretch to say he "invented" the product.

    putting the cart before the iorse

    I can see two things...
    The audio comes out the 3.5mm connector, and charge voltage goes in as usual via a 30-pin adapter - no magic there.
    And aaple will suerly have somethng similar as an authorised product - and claim that the Magdapter people are infringing ion their produc portfolio.
    As for a patent - I suspect a Provisional Patent - which means zero - if aaple (or anyone else) have filed prior art of the same general functionality.

    Or you could just get a non i-product. Micro USB ftw.

    Prior art of using magnets to attach things? Surely not!

    Patents are only as valuable as one's ability to prosecute the patent right/s.

    Just use the one that comes in the box with your iPhone 5

    Your adaptor, looks hell of alot better that the offical Apple one. The Official Apple one is way too tall!!!!!!

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