Australian Guy Invents A Fix For The iPhone’s Changing Dock Connector

Australian Guy Invents A Fix For The iPhone’s Changing Dock Connector

The release of the iPhone 5 should be a happy time. A time where we get excited about big, new gadget releases and start pulling it to bits to find out how it works. But, lo: a cloud hangs over this iPhone day. Nobody is quite sure if their old peripherals and accessories will be made redundant by Apple changing the 30-pin dock connector. Don’t fret though, because an Australian bloke with a 3D printer and a few magnets should fix everything. Sort of.

This little contraption is called the MAGdapter. Clumsy name aside, basically it’s a case that wraps around your iPhone (or any other device for that matter) and gives it a new magnetic docking connector down the bottom. The magnetic plate is removable and can be swapped out for either a 30-pin connector, a microUSB connector or even the theoretical connector for the new range of iDevices. You know, if that ends up happening.

The dock is an Alpha prototype right now, but even in this video we can see that when the device docks into its magnetic home, it both charges the device and transmits audio.

Sean O’Dwyer is the inventor of the MAGdapter, and he’s looking to put it up as a Kickstarter project before the launch of the new iPhone. He’s told us that it should set you back around $35 if you want to back the project.

Image: Image render via Melablog