Australian Doomsday Group Building Bunker In Regional NSW: Report

Despite the fact that people smarter than you or I have assured us that nothing will happen come December 21, 2012, there's still a special few who think that the world is going to come to a fiery end. If you're one of those special folk, good news: there's bunker you can buy into in regional New South Wales.

Details are scarce in this News Limited story, but the group is reportedly building a bunker in the mountains of Tenterfield, NSW -- 1.2 kilometres above sea level to avoid the tectonic events planned for mid-December.

Group members need to pay a fee to join the group, which group organiser Simon Young -- a fridge mechanic from NSW -- says is for concrete and other materials. [Perth Now]

Image: Justin Rocha



    Stupidity at its finest.

      In other news, anybody want to buy a cheap bunker on December 22nd?

    You know what? I'm cool with this.

    Granted I don't think that anyone should *believe* this nutter, but it keeps the people that do off the streets and I am continually amused by the excuses these people can come up with when the cataclysm the ancient scrolls have foretold of since the dawn times doesn't happen.

    'It's okay, I was reading them wrong! I forgot to carry the'll happen in March! Trust me!'

    Yeah, but will it keep the zombies out?

    A lot of people say that these people are nuts. But hey, these people 'accept' the knowledge from the mayans just the way we accept the knowledge from evry religion. "respect"...enough said.

      agreed, these guys are no more or less stupid than every other nutter on this planet who accepts the "knowledge" of every religion

      What knowledge? 1. it's all about how you read their calendar, 2. the calendar has to end sometime otherwise they'd still be writing it.

        3. Our calendar ends every year.

        I'd prefer these guys....they're not inciting hate and murder in others who don't believe the same as them. They're simply doing what they think is the thing to do and leaving everybody to do their own, potentially dying in the coming cataclysm, thing.

          If I don't flip the page on my calendar on the 31st of this month, next month will never arrive.

        its not even that it ends, its that they didn't see a point in wasting space on the writing surface to write a date with a leading zero, the same reason that most of us write our current year as 2012 instead of 02012, because writing the leading zero is pointless for most people, and when they do need more than four digits, they will use them (just like the Mayans used an extra cycle in the full date when referring to events further in the future).

        Also, this end of the world IS NOT a part of the mayan religion, people have basically appropriated the mayan calander into the christian rapture.

          It's even worse than that. The Mayan Long Count calendar is based around cycles of 20 - and this is only the end of the 13th cycle (December 21 is The last day of the 20th cycle ( won't arrive until October 12, 4772.

      This whole doomsday scenario is nothing but a maybe, the Mayan calendar does not specifically say the world will end in a massive cataclysmic event where country's fall apart tectonic plates shift causing floods and displacement of oceans and gigantic volcanic eruptions in fact the calendar simply ends all the doomsday scenario is based on is someone's interpretation of the calendar the calendar it's self may only keep track of a sertain number years before restarting but Christianity's senario is different again put short Christians belive satan will take over the world again it's just an interpretation but of an idea derived from the bible but actualy mentions nothing to do with December 21st 2012 in the original bible which has been modified time and time again as its the only religion that try's to eliminate all other religions by making out its the real truth so simply if you belive in some guys theory on the Mayan calendar or your a Christian then you will be living in fear pointlessly for the next few months but should the world really fall apart I don't think your going to survive long enough to care between the continental shift and ocean displacement and gigantic volcanos that will push out ash clouds so big there will be no sun light so temperatures will drop greatly breathing will be impossible and if your in a bunker half way up a mountain side what's to say the mountain will remain intact after all the tectonic movement earthquakes and monumental eruptions some tells me no so if it does end just go happy with the life you lived if it don't end make a T-shirt saying you survived 2012.

    1 meteorite will fall on 21.12.12 and hit this bunker Simpsons style, while we all stand around and sing "Sera Sera, whatever will be will be"

    How long are they planning to spend in the bunker? I say we all dress up and freak them out when they decide to come out.

      What shall we dress as though?

      YES! And we can leave clothes everywhere a la Rapture, but also burnt rock everywhere a la meteorite showers, and throw dark red paint everywhere, and then everybody hides. Doomsday medley!

        I am totally down with this, if someone organises i'll show up

          Dress as Zombies, though they may try to shoot us, which would be a downer on the whole day.

    you better pray your right mick or you you could but a spot for 5k :P

    my Birthday is on the 21st and i turn 20... I don't like the odds lol

    you better pray your right mick or you could buy a spot for 5k :P

    i say closest town to the bunker stakes out until they leave the bunker, then the town plays the biggest game of hide and seek ever...

    28,500 people in one bunker? Heck of a queue for the loo eh?

    They are leaving it a bit late aren't they? I mean wouldn't this thing require much more planning and a longer construction time if its going to survive the end of the world in less than 4 months...?

    Always great to have most of our morons loaded up into one place. But 28,500 seems a bit low...? Ah well, you have to start somewhere.

    .well, we almost did'nt make it to this century.......and we certainly won't make it to the next.......but unlike the current Sci-Fi movies, we will just progressively, slowly fade away, with hardly a whimper, as is happening around the globe right now..

      youre saying that 7billion+ people will slowly fade away to nothing in the next 88 years? there are people alive today who will make it to the next century.
      A cataclysmic event is the only thing that could make a dent big enough for a slow fade to be possible

    Sounds fine to me? nobody gets hurt by them building a shelter.

    Do you get your money back if there is no world changing event?

    "Details are scarce in this News Limited story, but the 28,500-strong group"

    There aren't 28,500 people in the group -- their website has had 28,500 hits. That's a pretty important distinction to make.

    hi feral this project has been going for three years already

      You seem quite knowledgeable about it... do you have a place of your own inside?

      If so, I'd love for you to describe your perspective. How certain is everyone about this, or is it intended as an (expensive) just-in-case measure?

    how may they be contacted?

    Question is, can we lock it from the outside?

      im sure we can weld the door from the outside, what do u think?

    i know it wont happen but i probably wont be able to sleep

    Uh, small detail - their website has had 28,500 hits, rather than that being their membership. Odds are their membership is more like 28.5 (no I don't know what the half would be... let's pretend one of them is pregnant).

    I thought this whole Mayan thing had already passed because they didn't have leap years?

      Short answer, No, they had leap years.

      Long answer, (disclaimer, my information is based on a discovery channel special) they counted the dates differently from how we do now and apparently this meant leap years are irrelavant using their counting system?

        That makes no sense. The Earth's orbital period is not an exact multiple of its diurnal period, thus all calendars need periodic adjustment.

        If you don't have regular leap years, you still need to manually insert a few days in your calendars every now and then, or every four years the solstices, planting seasons, harvests etc will arrive another day later. Calendar systems without leap years aren't much use to anyone.

    if the world is coming to an end do you really think a few feet of concrete is going to protect you.

      If the concreate was mixed with some Nokia 3310's I might be inclined to beleive it.

        But after the event all the covers for them will be spread everywhere AND BUTTONS NO WHERE TO FREAKING FIND!!!

    The Mayans probably stopped writing the calendar when the spanish came in and kicked the crap out of them!!!, not because they reckoned the earth would spontaneously explode. These people are just a group of idiots listening to one charismatic idiot and giving him their idiot dollars to spend on idiot things, such as a bunker constructed by an idiot.

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