Aussie Shot Putter Proves That Remote Control Cars Have No Business In The Olympics

Who said the Olympics can't be fun? To celebrate London 2012, four Aussie guys have got together to test their shot putting prowess against a moving target: a poor, helpless remote control car named Barry. The results should teach you that shot puts hurt. A lot.

The rules were simple: hit the remote control car as it rolls down a hill with a shot put, before it crosses the line at the bottom of the incline. Simple, right?

It took our Australian contender a few throws to make contact with the RC car as it rolled down the hill, but when it hit, it was a bloodbath.

Watch the video to see how the Australian Institute of Sport should be training our track and field athletes.

Thanks Brett for sending this one in!


    This site has really gone down hill. Nail in the coffin for me, I'm unfollowing on twitter and going somewhere with half decent stories.

      What are you complaining about? true this doesn't really have anything to do with gadgets, but it's an RC car, if you have been paying attention the olympics are you using RC cards to bring back various field events equiptment ( shotputs discuses and javelins) so in my book this has to do with
      A) Australia
      B) Technology ( remote control cars)
      C) The Olympics
      Sorry it doesn't have an iphone for you to drool over but these are the kind of articles that makes Gizmodo fun. So good riddance.

      dont let the shotput hit you in the ass on your way out

      See ya Barry

    What a waste of a RC truck

    Why report this

    So much better coverage and commentary than the fools at channel 9.

    Of course this is ridiculous....

    But did everyone miss the story aboud RC cars carrying shotputs, discus and javelins at the London Olympics.... for retrieval in the field events....
    Obviously this crew were just trying to get the shotputs into the car....

    Who doesn't like wanton destruction, western Media and entertainment in made up of stuff like this (usually the scale is a bit grander)

    Poor Barry

    Call me a party pooper but FOUL! Very poor form on the throw gentlemen! Too far from the neck/chin! :)

    Even badly injured, Barry still soldiers on to cross the finish line.. Twice.
    Better than some Olympic athletes.
    Good shots by the way chaps (pun not intended, but there just the same)

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