Assemble This Strikingly Spartan Lamp Any Way You Want To

There's elegance in simplicity, and with this DIY, multi-configuration lamp, you can decide what kind of elegant simplicity is just right for you.

Dino Sanchez's lamp kit aims to give you that pleasure of putting things together with your hands without having to sift through a bunch of non-nonsensical IKEA-like instructions. With just a Phillips-head screwdriver and 10 minutes, you can put this stark stunner together just how you like, and then take it apart and do it again if you want to.

The kit comes with a solid-oak base, nickel-plated stand pieces, and all the guts you need for a working light. You can pick it up for $US75 and then hop right into putting the thing together. Think of it like Legos for design-minded adults. [Dino Sanchez via Co.Design]

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