Are You Having Problems With iMessage And iCloud?

Reports are circulating that iCloud and iMessage are suffering technical difficulties, some of which have been confirmed by Apple (namely, iCloud not loading messages sent prior to yesterday). But the iMessage thing has gone unacknowledged, leading some to believe that the company might be tinkering with the system behind the scenes.

Have you noticed anything weird while using iMessage on you iOS device or Mac? Anything catastrophic? Let's discuss. [9to5mac, The Verge]


    Yes I have, iMessage says delivered but it can take 2 days to get through. I have switched to regular sms due to the terrible reliability of iMessage. On a side note, calender is no longer updating on the iPhone either.

    iMessage working an hour ago for me

    Recipients of Messages sent from Mountain Lion iMessage don't recieve a notification of the message on their phone. Also, some messages recieved by recipients are showing up as being sent from themselves rather than from someone else.

    Yes, it never seems to sync up properly between ipad and iphone, and sometimes take a long time to send etc

    iMessage (iphone 4 latest iOS) is as seamless as ever.. msgs are delivered and received in seconds

    don't use, and would never use iCloud (or any cloud service) .. I have my own personal cloud space of 100GB that I have complete control over, why would I bother with a third party data hoarding company?

    It's all crap, can someone resurrect Steve jobs already - I can't deal with this anymore. Everything is apple in our family and it's falling apart

    my apps are not getting updated anymore :S

    C'mon now, you must have played with your settings, everyone tells me that mac's "just work"

    Its very inconsistent, sometimes it works like a bomb and other times just doesn't work. Its got to do with some of server side latency. I've now turned it off so my messages actually get to my contacts in time even though I got Vodafone's wonderful network (Not really).

    Ever since iMessage on the phone came in, my wife and I will sometimes randomly swap places in our message conversation, i.e. all of a sudden it looks like she sent me a message that I sent to her, and then the reply is screwed in the same way. Seems to sort itself after a while but it is unnerving. We've also had it that she receives on her phone a message sent from a third party to me. It's all down to Apple IDs, though we have separate ones apart from the one used for app purchases, which is apparently perfectly acceptable.

    As an interesting side effect, if one of us ever decides to have an affair, it should be over quickly.

    iMessage doesn't work on my Mac behind a proxy server, despite all other internet services working.

    Gosh a problem with iProducts, who would of thought it possible?

      Gosh, a grammatical error from an iHater, who would *have* thought it possible?

    I cannot get to my iCloud mail. The screen shows gray and you can see it is trying to find iCloud but nothing is happening. I hate this. I need to check an email that I have received.

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