Apple Wants To Bans These Samsung Products In The US

That was fast. After examining the verdict, Apple is now seeking to ban these products from the market.

Galaxy S 4G Galaxy S2 AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Galaxy S2 T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Galaxy S Showcase Droid Charge Galaxy Prevail

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    We let this happen

      How so?

        Let apple think they own the entire mobile phone market by buying the same shitty iPhone yearly.

    Right on, Apple. Way to show how much you care about the collaborative efforts the tech world SHOULD be apart of.

    Greed is ugly.

    If a plane crashed into the ocean but was filed with tech companies instead of passengers; Apple would be the guy pushing other people below the surface just to keep their head above water a bit longer. Their reign is coming to an end. And I'm sure they know it.

      Soooo true ^.
      Apple plays dirty and I hope the roof collapses on their heads.

        Yeah their day is totally coming to an end.

        Meanwhile in other news. Apple share prices rocket to new record levels.

        I think Apple needs to hire some lawyers to help their PR problem, it seems that's the only why they can succeed in things these days.

    Who cares. Other manufacturers will innovate new android products that the majority of consumer's would still prefer than another useless apple product. If apple's products weren't such duds they wouldn't need to try so hard to restrict competition. Hopefully apple go the same way Steve did.

      ''If apple's products weren't such duds they wouldn't need to try so hard to restrict competition''

      Couldn't have said it better myself.

      "If apple's products weren't such duds..." Seriously? Delusional. I'm no fanboy but they didn't become the record breaking giant they are by selling dud products. They are perfect products for their chosen markets. And the market proves it. And they have even right to protect their intellectual property as far as the law allows.

        You are almost right they became the record breaking giant through marketing.
        All you have to do is look at Telstras Blue Tick system for good performing phones and you will find that there has never been an iPhone that is near the top performing phones.

          Telstras current Blue Tick models are.
          HTC one XL
          Motorola DEFY™ +
          Nokia Lumia: 800, N9, C5
          Telstra: Explorer, EasyTouch Discovery 3, Tough™ 2, Active Touch™.
          Android lovers should look at the Motorola DEFY™ + but I would go for a Lumia 800 on Vodafone as you get it on a $29 plan with free $250 Monster Headphones.

    That 1984 commercial Apple? You're the bad guys now.

    This will backfire badly for Apple. Just wait and see...

    This could motivate more hardware manufacturers to put some effort into WindowsPhone. Right now, Nokia and Samsung seem to be the only companies making any effort with it, others just seem to have a token toe in the water.

    Apple's reign is coming to an end

    I find it interesting how those phones don't have the singular home button that the S, S2 and S3 have. I would've assumed that they would have wanted to embargo the selling of phones that brreached their Patents or looked similar to?

    Everyone is slowly turning away from apple and this is why! They could stay at the top of the market as the leading brand but what do they do, instead of giving us a competitive product at good value they are trying to kill the competition. There are a few Sci fi movie flicks that should sue there asses and then start making their own phones considering there the ones that thought up smart phones not apple. Imagine if microsoft had treated apple like this many years ago. Pot calling the kettle black

    It will probably lead to better innovation rather than some kind of downfall. Stop getting so worked up, everybody.

    I like how none of the pictured phones have the single home button that looks the most like an iphone...
    That's because these are the american versions of the galaxy range, where as the international one has the single physical button.
    of course Apple lost all of its court cases in other countries....

    i am glad I never bought one piece of Apple.... This Company sucks hope they go down sooner than later, I am verry happy with my Samsung S2, btw I think S2 looks much better than Apples counterpart

    Aren't most of those old models anyway?

      that's what i thought . Are some of these even on the market any more?

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Apple. We'll tell you how to think.

    It's scary how much Apple's practices fit the whole Big Brother thing now.

    Certainly no underdog company anymore.

    That's just rediculous... corporate warfare. War never changes.

    One line says it all "Apple continues to be Samsung’s biggest customers for microprocessor units that are central to most of Apple’s devices." How long will it take Samsung to earn that money back. Not long once they jack the price of parts up on Apple. Look at the dollars rolling in once the new iphones and mini ipads start selling.

    So.. what happens to those who have already bought these devices? So many questions in regards to this.

    I think Apple sux for two reasons:
    1) Their current bully-boy attitude and;
    2) Products purpose built for simpletons who crave "beautiful" and "magical" over all other functions. Edward Cullen the vampire from Twilight was beautiful and magical above all else and look how that turned out.
    I also think humanity as a whole sux for propelling Apple to its current height .

    Am I right in assuming that almost all of these devices are End Of Life or near EOL and their withdrawl from sale would mean little

    Apple are accusing everyone of being what they openly proclaimed back in the beginning...

    Aren't they Pirates and Proud of it??? Just Ask Steve, he invented the concept (or was that blackbeard or....)

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