Apple Vs Samsung Jurors Say Verdict Was Well-Considered, Samsung Emails Damning

When the verdict in the Apple vs Samsung trail came back so fast, despite having so many individual decisions to it, there was plenty of speculation that the jury might not have really cared or been informed. Jurors themselves are saying otherwise.

CNET and Reuters reached out to two of the jurors, both of whom assert the verdict wasn't rushed or made with any sort of vagueness. This was a very deliberate ruling, and they meant to send a message.

Juror Manuel Ilagan told CNET the following, when asked about specific instances of willful infringment:

Well, there were several. The emails that went back and forth from Samsung execs about the Apple features that they should incorporate into their devices was pretty damning to me. And also, on the last day, they showed the pictures of the phones that Samsung made before the iPhone came out and ones that they made after the iPhone came out. Some of the Samsung executives they presented on video [testimony] from Korea -- I thought they were dodging the questions. They didn't answer one of them. They didn't help their cause. ...We weren't impatient. We wanted to do the right thing, and not skip any evidence. I think we were thorough.

Jury foreman Velvin Hogan told Reuters that it was "absolutely" clear the infringment was on purpose and that they "didn't want to give carte blanche to a company, by any name, to infringe someone else's intellectual property."

Collective certainty aside, there's still a very strong argument to be made that the real problem here -- or one of them at least -- is the patent system itself, and this verdict very well may have made that situation worse. In that case, any "message" being sent is kind of irrelevant. [CNET and Reuters via Mac Rumors]



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    Clarify for me the validity and reach of the patent system.
    It only valid/enforceable in US right? Cause it sure as hell not working in China.

      It is only enforceable in the US, yes.

        WTO is meant to make patents universal but there is a long way to go.

    They can only act on the evidence presented, and the evidence Samsung weren't allowed to use was their only chance.

    Good old American justice for American companies hey?

      One wonders if they can use it in appealing the ruling.

    Yeah, typical jury crap- reading things into stuff that's not there, inferences based on intonation, partial information etc, imagining they're all Culumbo. :)
    They're actually expressly not, not, not, allowed to make decisions based on that sort of thing, only the facts before them. At least that's how it is in Australia.

    But, whatever. The verdict here was pretty foregone. Good on Apple for having the better lawyers and being wilier in this instance.

    What is a jury to say anyway "hey though were totally incompetent to judge this case we did based on the Monroe Doctrine"?

    BTW none of my friends have ever mistaken an S2 for an iPhone.

      I don't know anyone who has ever mistaken any other product for an apple product, our purchased any other product because it looked like an apple product. But I guess this case wasn't just about appearances, although that is what they seemed to focus on allot.

      what makes them incompetent to judge the case?

    Every TV looks the same, every computer, every laptop, every blender, every shovel, blah blah blah. This is pretty clearly a cashgrab by Apple which is all allowed to fall into place thanks to a protectionist American judicial system. I don't care about the verdict, Japan has economic devices to do just the same thing, but at least call it for what it is.

    The only hope for Samsung in this case was to have Apple's patents found to be invalid, through prior art or through obviousness (that's totally a word!), questions of novelty, or other reasons that escape me right now.

    It's a real shame this didn't occur, as it may have been a first step towards change to the patent system that is long overdue. However, Samsung pretty clearly did infringe on Apple's patents - as ridiculous as those patents may be - and the patents are currently legally valid, so Apple has a duty to vigorously defend its patents, or risk having them later challenged and found invalid.

    The jury's award of damages, however, is hugely exscessive, and will likely be substantially reduced on appeal.

      What smurfydog said.

      It's a failure of the patent system, not a failure of the Jury. To even allow Apple to have a patent that says "rectangle with rounded corners" is ridiculous. Sure, Apple should be allowed to protect the EXACT look of their products.. but extending this to allow any portable computing device that is a rectangle with rounded corners is too far.

      Perhaps even this decision will come back around to bite Apple in the butt. Lots of their products (looking at you desktop monitors) look near enough to other devices.. perhaps someone out there can make a "trade dress" case against them.

    I didn't expect Samsung to win, at least not in an American court with a jury of patriotic Americans. I have used both an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S2 and wouldn't know how they look alike in terms of features. The scare of a Korean company taking on the giant Apple is just the key to this judgment. I acknowledge Apple's innovation but Samsung has done great, now they can continue to enslave Americans with their exorbitant pricing of the iPhone. I think Apple should go back to the drawing board to have a re think on how to beat its competitors with more innovative ideas not fighting a war born of cowardice and disdain.

    It is ironic that Steve Jobs, back in the day says:

    Ultimately it comes down to taste. It comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done and then try to bring those things in to what you’re doing. I mean Picasso had a saying he said good artists copy great artists steal. And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.

    I say, let your pocket do the talking... "Ultimately it comes down to taste." ~ Steve Jobs, unquote. Buy Androids/Google and let the Apple rot.

    So Apple is allowed to steal whatever they want from Android ie. Notifications bar., but no one is allowed to touch Apple's holy rectangle shape. Ridiculous. That company id far too big and powerful. They can basically do what they like. Samsung stop making parts for them.

    I will NEVER buy an Apple product! What an absolute waste of money they are. I hope that company gradually disintegrates into dust and joins its founder who created this mind set. Sad day for the world and technology.

    Lots of unhappy trolls here

    All these Android-flavoured tears are delicious. ;)

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