Apple Is Removing YouTube From iOS 6

Apple has removed the YouTube app from the latest beta of iOS 6 and has confirmed that it will not exist at all when iOS 6 officially releases to the public.

The YouTube app, if you'll remember, has existed since the original iPhone. It's been removed in iOS 6 beta 4 for the iPhone and iPad, but it still exists for Apple TV. Apple's official statement:

Our licence to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store.

Once a marquee feature of the iPhone, and still widely used by many, the YouTube app had actually been long surpassed by its web app counterpart. That web app was made by Google, the native app was made by Apple.

Of course, with the iPhone no longer offering an app for YouTube, and YouTube being owned by Google, it's more evidence that the two companies are butting heads with each other. But this is actually a good thing for users. If you've spent any time with the iOS YouTube app, you'd know how terrible it is. The 3G video quality was poor, the features were limited, the buffering times were slow. It was inconvenient and unpleasant, basically the opposite of what YouTube is. After highlighting the app as a key feature for the original iPhone, Apple was letting it rot.

Ultimately, this actually may be a case where everyone wins. By having Apple kill its native app, iOS users don't have to be saddled with a piss poor YouTube app. By not having to maintain a native YouTube app, Apple steps out of the awkward handshake licensing agreement it had with a competitor. By making its own YouTube app, Google gets to control its own properties. And although Google doesn't exactly have the track record of building awesome iOS apps (ahem, Gmail), the excellent web app is proof that Google gets YouTube. [The Verge]



    The youtube app is clunky and awful anyway, pinning the website to the springboard gives you more functionality, leaving you with the built in app you can't uninstall and can't hide.

      But you can hide it, and make youtube run through Safari
      Settings > General > Restrictions (requiring your code) and then turn YouTube off.

      So much easier using the browser for youtube instead of the app

    YouTube is clunky and awful anyway...

      But early on they need to have Youtube in to snag people in. I reckon its almost as important as having mail sorted out back then.

    I guess it'll get rid of "Cannot play this video" on just about every video ever. Good riddance.

    YouTube blah blah blah... how about finally getting FLASH on my iPad?

      Really... Why? Google has now discontinued all support for flash on android devices. They are no longer developing flash for Android. It doesn't work properly, and it never will.

      Never going to happen

      On the topic: Protube (jailbroken) is like $1 and is a great universal app that is way better than apple's rubbish one.

        Google never developed Flash for Android. Suggest you check your facts.

        And for the record, Flash works well on Android. It seems you are just full of it and trolling.

          Flash I'd dying to make way for html5

          No Not trolling, I actually own an HTC One XL which i think is a great phone. I use both IOS and Android for different reasons.

          But, You are right, Adobe has said that it is rubbish and are not going to support it. I made a mistake because i was using the internet at work instead of working and was trying to do it quickly, I'm sorry that my fact checking wasn't up to your high standard.

          My point was that (while it is still in common use) Flash as a technology is no longer advancing, and I do not understand why people defend it so much. It is no longer the only feature that Android has that Apple doesn't, and while it works on Android, it is never going to go to the next level.

            What is the next level? Working? Already does that.

    Here comes iTube. And now anything with 'Tube' in it is copyright infringement. Google didn't u learn anything

    the youtube website on the iphone is way better than the app. it doesn't have as much restrictions and i think it supports 720p video.

    Lol that's right apple introduces apps and now they prove that apps are just a wasted portal to a website lol.

    Now, if they'll only delete that rubbish weather app.

    How 'bout getting rid of the other useless crud like Weather and Stocks... and allowing Newsstand to be put into a group!?!?

    I find it really handy to be able to quickly post a video I've just snapped to Youtube. Will this be a thing of the past? I really hope not!

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