Air Hogs' Missile-Launching Flying RC Car Leads Assaults By Land And Air

Further proof that every generation of kids has it better than the last, the new Hover Assault by Air Hogs means youngsters no longer have to choose between an RC car or an RC helicopter. Not only can it be both, but it also manages to be even more awesome with a set of remotely fired missiles.

Transformers and G.I. Joe? You finally have some serious competition for the best toy ever. The Hover Assault won't be hitting stores until later this year, but at $US50 it's sure to be ideal under-the-tree fodder this Christmas.

On the ground it drives like your typical off-road RC vehicle, but it can handle even the biggest of obstacles thanks to a hop function that makes it briefly take off and leap over things in its way.

And at any point it can instantly transition to full flight mode, putting four plastic projectiles at the pilot's disposal for mischief-making. It's just too bad the tyres don't float or it would have been the perfect toy for land, air and sea assaults. But beggers and annoying siblings can't be choosers, right? [Air Hogs via DadDoes]

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