Adelaide Pair Seek Funding For iPhone-Controlled Key-Finding Gizmo

Adelaide Pair Seek Funding For iPhone-Controlled Key-Finding Gizmo

Keys. Nefarious contraptions capable of increasing stealth capabilities directly correlated to the intensity with which one searches for them. Despite one’s best efforts to put them in a “safe place”, this mythical location continues to defy attempts to locate it. A bit like your keys, actually. Leave it to a couple of Australians to come up with the aptly-named “Key Finder” to solve all these problems.

Originally from Adelaide, Chris Evans and Reece Formosa have set up base in Sydney to bring their device from the prototype stage to production. They’re currently after $50,000 on Pozible to make the transition — as of August 19, submissions total just over $4100, though 51 days remain until the funding period ends.

The product page on Pozible, while very sales-y, does explain the basics of how the Key Finder works. It’s a little Bluetooth gadget that you attach to your key-ring. From there, any iPhone can buzz the gizmo, causing it to start “flashing a bright light and ringing with a memorable ring tone”. It’s not the most complicated of ideas, but then, that’s not a quality you want in something designed to find your keys.

If you’re curious about the total costs, they’re broken down on Pozible:

$22,000 is required for tooling involved in manufacture,
$6000 is required for appropriate testing of test samples,
$7000 is required for the design and commissioning of packaging and
$15,000 for a deposit on the first order.

We are hoping to raise the required funds of $50,000 total via crowd funding so we can take this prototype to manufacturing stage.

Pitching in $55 will secure you a single device, which the page mentions is a “discount” on its eventual RRP of $69.95. Advancing up the donation tiers simply nets you more devices (for the most part).

Sounds great… as long as you don’t lose your phone, too, but at least that has the “calling” bit built in already.

[Pozible, via Ausdroid]

Images: Reece Formosa