Adelaide Pair Seek Funding For iPhone-Controlled Key-Finding Gizmo

Keys. Nefarious contraptions capable of increasing stealth capabilities directly correlated to the intensity with which one searches for them. Despite one's best efforts to put them in a "safe place", this mythical location continues to defy attempts to locate it. A bit like your keys, actually. Leave it to a couple of Australians to come up with the aptly-named "Key Finder" to solve all these problems.

Originally from Adelaide, Chris Evans and Reece Formosa have set up base in Sydney to bring their device from the prototype stage to production. They're currently after $50,000 on Pozible to make the transition -- as of August 19, submissions total just over $4100, though 51 days remain until the funding period ends.

The product page on Pozible, while very sales-y, does explain the basics of how the Key Finder works. It's a little Bluetooth gadget that you attach to your key-ring. From there, any iPhone can buzz the gizmo, causing it to start "flashing a bright light and ringing with a memorable ring tone". It's not the most complicated of ideas, but then, that's not a quality you want in something designed to find your keys.

If you're curious about the total costs, they're broken down on Pozible:

$22,000 is required for tooling involved in manufacture, $6000 is required for appropriate testing of test samples, $7000 is required for the design and commissioning of packaging and $15,000 for a deposit on the first order.

We are hoping to raise the required funds of $50,000 total via crowd funding so we can take this prototype to manufacturing stage.

Pitching in $55 will secure you a single device, which the page mentions is a "discount" on its eventual RRP of $69.95. Advancing up the donation tiers simply nets you more devices (for the most part).

Sounds great... as long as you don't lose your phone, too, but at least that has the "calling" bit built in already.

[Pozible, via Ausdroid]

Images: Reece Formosa



    Hardly innovative, unless it's purely because it's an iPhone app, but electronic key finders have been about for ages.

      True electronic keyfinders have been around for ages. But that's like saying mobile phones have been around for ages and so the iphone is hardly an innovation. This keyfinder connects to an app which allows you to name and individually manage and call up to 4 keyfinders. In the future you will able able to customise call tones and ring when you leave you phone behind aswell.

      I disagree - it's both innovative and elegant.

      Using Bluetooth 4.0 means you'll get a range of up to 50m and battery life of a year. Unlike the key-finders you whistle or clap for, using Bluetooth will tell you if it's in the area, even if you can't hear it, so at least you'll know to keep searching. I imagine the app will even tell you if the battery needs to be changed.

      Wish I'd thought of it. I might just use it to make sure my kids don't get lost while shopping.

    What possible advantage is there for a bluetooth gizmo over one of those "whistle for it" jobs? Same kind of range (either way you have to be able to hear the thing beep), same kind of size keytag.

    Incredible: "here's an age old problem, with an existing solution that costs less and is more reliable, but never mind that. How can we make an app for that? How do we include the phone into the solution just so we can make it appealing to a whole new generation of app zombies who will buy anything iPhone related?"

    Alas... I have a"findme"(chinese translation) I bought at a market I china last year. It connects to any bluetooth phone. Don't even need an app. I ditched it..... You need to keep it charged, or a battery or on.... Guess what. When I actually needed it - it was flat...

      The main advantage of this Keyfinder is it uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology. This allows the unti to run for a year off a single button cell whilst always being connected to the phone. Its actually quite amazing. Classic Bluetooth couldn't do that which is why the Chinese product needed to be charged.

    Bought one of these where you keep the transmitter in a safe place (like your wallet) for about $30 a few months ago...and the ones you whistle at have been around for years. Sorry guys but you missed the boat a bit on this idea..

      Simon, great feed back only our device you use your mobile phone. We are fully awear of other key finder devices.

      Tablets had been around for ages before the iPad champ and now look at them

      Also Simon if you lose your wallet then you would have to buy the device again. With ours it's a free app download if you happened to lose your phone. That's where we are different.

    Wouldn't be a terrible modern take on the idea if it supported more than just the iPhone. Tech like this really has to be multi-platform to succeed.

      Brett we are currently working on our android app and other platforms as we speak. Thanks for the feed back

    Using bluetooth? You'd have to right near your 'lost' keys in order to pair. Complete fail.

      Hi Norm. There are different classes of Bluetooth devices specified in the Bluetooth standard. Mice and other products only support range of a few meters, so this has probably been your experience. This product uses Bluetooth LE which typically has a range of between 10 to 50m which is acceptable for finding something within a room.

    I've seen those transmitter ones and also the whistle ones. But this one seems much better than those crusty old pieces. This is something that actually looks good on your keys and being able to call it is way more practical. Great idea fellas

    And the Keyfinders that are around look like absolute waffle. This is actually something I'd put on my key ring

    Anyone recall the keyring from the 80s that beeped if you whistled?

    These guys missed the boat by about 30 years.

      I do remember those, they did go off every ten minutes though because of birds or just random noise(quite annoying).

      Cert did you even watch the video? Their device is nothing like that. It's now 2012 and they are making the key finder with a 2012 design.

    Ok. Innovation is a poor way to discribe this. Is this a plug for a mate of the Editor ? Your usually do damn hot with your stories - I just did a very quick google - this one looks identical. This key finder, is not new - OK I also want market and seek funding and it as innovative idea.. I call it "wife-hi, white tooth key finder".... Anyway how is this different to say this

      Just me - yes that is the same one exactly - the Keyfinder you see at is also the one featured on

      And it is new - its been two years in the making. These guys have shot for quality not a cheap re-hash of an old idea. I've seen it working myself in the test labs in Sydney. They've been refining the prototype for some time now to come up with something so robust that it will stand up to the scrutiny of even the grizzliest of cynics.

      There's nothing new under the sun - but these guys have created something bluetooth, something operated from a smart phone, something diverse enough to handle further development i.e. gps technology. AND They're going to manufacture them right here in Australia which is something to be proud of. to support a couple of South Aussies who've created something quite unique.

    They also have iPhone / android app for it.

    Or four for a quarter of the price:

    Ok all great comments guys!
    How about instead of putting something down everytime something comes out regardless of it being new or not lets talk about the unique qualities of it. The look the fact it's 4.0 not 2.1 the distance and the fact it's always paired and has a low energy rating. These guys are on a winner! I bought mine and I'm sure this will do extreanly well in the next few months.

    future-proof is by putting an nfc chip in there...
    we ust moved into a new house, and had an interesting pamphlet advertising nfc chip readers as door-locks (ie, you can program your front door lock to be locked/unlocked with your credit card, go-card, phone, or anything with a NFC chip in it). same product comes with pin entering, and thumb-print reader...
    beats looking for/fumbling around for keys!

    Lot of people here seem like they want tech to never develop and mature, and that any idea not completely and amazingly novel is unworthy of any praise. Pretty sure these same people never had an original idea in their life.

      People come here because they actually like technology and finding information about new technology. But when something isn't all that new, but is hyped up somewhat, it's not unreasonable to expect some pushback.

      That link I posted is a clear example of wireless tech doing the same thing and more efficiently. One controller for four keytags ie, the one controller can be used by four family members if desired. It's not locked to a phone, which more often than not is also misplaced.

    You could go the extra mm and have it two way, with a button on it so if you can find your keys but not your phone...

    I wonder if anyone has watched the video, because most of these comments are answered in it.

      I did and it certainly confirmed that your target audience (iPhone users) is spot on and that the comments made here are equally spot on. Bluetooth 4 only, just to support iOS? Also, is that thing really about the diameter of a 50c piece, as it appears in the video?

        Yes it is very small, Thats what makes it so great, We are working on other platforms and as our whole team are iPhone users we went with IOS for the first one.

        The I'm not to sure why there seems to be so much hate against this project, When apple decided to create a phone everyone didn't say, ''OW its been done don't bother''. yes we know we are not apple not apple but its the same thing. Give it 1-2 years and someone else will come up with the same concept and follow us because despite what any body thinks its a better version from the whistle and any other RF device out there.
        Thanks guys for your feed back tho its helping Google words detect us more!

    Alternatively you can get one these for less than a dollar each, you put one near your door, after you have used your key to open the door you can neatly hang your keys on it. The most amazing part is, they don't require batteries or an app on a phone, when you want your keys, you come back and they are there! No searching required at all! ;)

      I was just about to post a similar, smart arse comment, then I noticed yours :) + 1

        all well and good pete, what happens if you lose your keys at your friends house????

          They stay in my pocket.

            or if I do take them out to go for a swim or something, they'll be sitting next to my phone, so should I happen to misplace them, there will be milliseconds between finding my phone to find my keys and actually just seeing my keys.

    Whoever it was that shared those links above, hardly a comparison! If you want to use Alibaba that's cool - If you don't want your order to show up. And the RF transmitter - I like my grandparents, but I don't want to look like them! That thing is just ugly, and you have to put one somewhere and the rest on your keys. Look at most inventions and they are just improvements on already existing technologies. If this thing does the same as other devices (albeit better) and is actually aesthetic, available to the masses in the Western world (not ordered via China) and appeals to the younger demographic, I think it's onto a winner. I mean, you don't have to find a new element to be successful. Just do something better. And that's what these guys have done. I want one already!

      If you don't want to look like your grandparents, maybe that parental look will appeal:

      Or perhaps a relative:


      Got it:

    Great products 'Bemused' still going back to the point that The Key finder mentioned in this is use by an app on your phone, You always have you phone on you and why would you carry around a transmitter device everywhere you go?
    When I created this product I knew all about there other device, I mad ours better and longer lasting. I own more then one key finder device and I was frustrated with the amount it didn't do. Signal strength and battery life. So i built this one.
    Thanks for the feed back it all helps. Im sure you can understand that I researched this device before I went ahead and did it, and im fully aware of other Key Finders out there. Thanks for your input, Let us all know when you have come up with a cool device that will change the way key finders are made. Now remember we know we haven't come up with something new, Just something better!

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