A Wi-Fi NEX Camera Would Be Fine And All But Sony Needs To Chill Out

A  Wi-Fi NEX Camera Would Be Fine And All But Sony Needs To Chill Out

A purported leak reported by Sony Alpha rumours has outed the latest incarnation of its Sony’s mid-range mirroless, interchangeable-lens camera beast, the NEX-5N. Well, it’s two cameras really; the Sony NEX-5R and Sony NEX-6 will supposedly be announced in September.

The cameras were discovered on the product listing of an Indonesian company. According to Sony Alpha Rumor’s reports, the cameras will be Wi-Fi enabled much like Samsung’s latest of mirrorless cameras. The NEX-5R will supposedly have the same vanity-friendly 180-degree tilting screen that’s good for taking self-portraits. The NEX-6 looks to be a new addition to the line. It will supposedly be a cheaper version of the $US1300 NEX-7 with a lower-resolution electronic viewfinder.

We’re fond of Sony’s NEX camers. At $US600 with a lens, the fantastic NEX-F3 (pictured above) is one of the best camera deals out there — just like the NEX-C3 a year before and the NEX-3 a year before that. Yup, Sony has been upgrading its mirrorless line-up every single year. And now it’s apparently adding a fourth camera? After a while these little iterations and different version almost start to feel like product spam. Why not save the bitsy upgrades for a monster refresh?

Do we need so many concurrent versions of basically the same thing? As we’ve seen with companies like Nikon and Canon, sometimes spacing upgrades out gives consumers new products that actually have appreciable differences from their predecessors. But, hey, as long as Sony’s cameras keep kicking butt, we’ve got no right to complain. [Postel.go via The Verge via Sony Alpha Rumors]