A Retro-Style Standing Mixer For All Your Culinary Capers

A huge standing mixer is one of those aspirational kitchen gadgets — it's big and it's expensive, after all. But having one like Kenwood's new Barcelona kMix will change your entire culinary horizon.

Equipped with a 4.7-litre bowl and a 500-watt motor, the retro, multicoloured appliance can handle pretty much any project you want to undertake, leaving your hands free to do other things. You'll also have less of a mess on your hands because everything is well contained in the stainless steel bowl. And because it has interchangeable wisks, paddles, dough hooks, pasta rollers, and so forth, those projects can be just about anything your little gourmand's heart desires. While it's similar to the old faithful KitchenAid stand mixer when it comes to features, this one has a different look that makes sets it apart from the kitchen appliance pack. [Appliancist]

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