A Movable Field Kitchen For Nomadic Cooks

For a lot of folks, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But if meals tend to be more of a moveable feast for you, take a look at Critter: it's a moveable field kitchen that packs all the kitchen basics into a single bench which can be moved from indoors to the backyard — or maybe even the great outdoors.

A backpacking solution, this is not. But the design — which includes handles at each corner to make it easy to carry — could easily double as an impromptu kitchen in a room without kitchen fittings, or a moveable workstation for the ultra-serious outdoor cook.

It's also not beyond the realms of possibility that it could be used for a camping trip, if you have a vehicle big enough to hold it. And actually, you may well do: Elia Mangia, the designer, has made sure that it's easy to take apart, with only eight screws required to transform it into a more portable form.

With two gas burners, a sink, storage and preparation area, it can handle a decent amount of cooking — though, if you're a keen outdoor chef, a charcoal grill might be an essential complement. There's currently no word on price, but Critter should be available from Skitsch soon. [Eli Magnia via Core 77]

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