A Deck Chair For Those Who Trust In Science

This deck chair might look a little dangerous to the untrained eye. But for those who place confidence in physics, it looks like the perfect spot to kick back and relax.

The design, after all, relies purely on friction between the chair, wall and floor to remain standing. But for those who still feel a little nervous, you can rest assured that it also uses a special anti-slip coating that ensures the wood safely grips most surfaces. In fact, Bernhard Burkard, the designer, goes as far as promising us that "even though it looks dangerous, it provides comfort seating and relaxing in every occasion". Phew.

Called 'Curt', the chair is made out of ash and beech, hand-built by people with mental or physical disabilities at the Altra workshop in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. You can order one direct from Burkard too -- but be prepared to stump up $US300 in the process. [Bernhard Burkard via Dezeen]


    Every setting? What if there's no wall...

    Bottom ends should be beveled to provide a greater surface area for friction.

      That would work if friction was dependent on surface area.....

        It is, but not entirely.

    If that thing slips, will the buggers light up?
    Or would it need to be slipping on a specific type of surface?

    300 bucks? make one for 10 i reckon.

    Sit on something like that made by intellectually disabled ppl? Why not?!

      yes, why not? .__.

    Sooooo.... 2 bits of pine, 2 pieces of dowel, a towel and a bit of sewing adds up to $300?

    I'm in the wrong busines..... lol

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