A Carbon Fibre Core Makes This Axe Lean And Mean

Aside from a few innovations in materials, axe design has been something that's gone relatively unchanged for a while now. But a new concept, dubbed the Zai Core, from designer Kacper Hamilton, which makes use of carbon fibre in the handle and a series of interchangable carbon steel blades, breathes new life into an old object

How well this specific implementation would actually work in the real world is open to debate. But the general ideas — materials, function, etc. — are wonderfully clever. Would you trust this thing to chop your firewood? [Dezeen]


    My cosh Just what i need to help me win the axemens trophy at the next show .Fope it is as good as it looks

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and see if I get cut down ......
    Weight in an axe is almost as valuable as it being nice and sharp, so while this is nice I think I'd like a good momentum return for my effort of swing and that head looks pretty light weight to me, the other thing old axe handles have is an end designed to help you hold on with your base hand so the other can slide down at the stroke end...... not sure about that handle end saving it from slipping out of your hand. ........\V/.
    All that said nice design if your going to cut kindling.

      I was more thinking about the strength of the material over time given the usage case for an axe (namely, repeated jarring impact). How well would carbon-fibre stand up?

      As for weight, I reckon the effort saved in the backswing would make up for assistance gained by weight over sharpness. At woodchopping competitions I don't see competitors adjusting weights on their tools but I do see them honing the blade. Just sayin' :--D

        Seems like you'd like light weight hammers too :)
        Just sayin......

    That is such a lovely redesign, I want one!

    This would fit right at home in DayZ.

    Whats the advantage of a carbon steel axe? When I chop wood I want a heavy axe.

      That's what she said

      Umm, you might be mixing up the carbon fibre core of the handle with the carbon steel axe head. Carbon Steel is still heavy as it is just steel with a higher carbon content and can be very hard when heat treated. You dont need a heavy handle (just a strong one) for an axe as all the power comes from the weight of the head.

    Those side attachments will just get split off and be useless, probably very quickly too. Plus this thing will cost a fortune. Just get a regular one from the Hardware store and save your self no doubt hundreds of dollars. Or, if you are lucky/cheap like me you might find one at the Flea Market for sod all. Got myself a nice combo log splitter, wedge hammer for about $20.00 awhile ago. Save your money, this thing isn't worth it.

    I don't get it..... it would make more sense to just have a normal heavy axe head with a lightweight 100% carbon fibre handle.... Even then a fibreglass handle would do the job and be cheaper, oh yes and they are at bunnings.

    This is engineering gone stupid.

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