A Bluetooth Keyboard That Will Run Until The Sun Explodes

Logitech has added a new keyboard to its line-up of solar-powered accessories, except this one comes with Bluetooth and the ability to switch between three devices. Pretty nifty for solar-tech, but how long does the battery last?

Logitech's Solar Wireless Keyboard K760 connects via Bluetooth to either your PC, Mac or mobile device and the company claims that the device will run for three months. Seriously. Here's what it had to say:

Similar to the existing Logitech Solar Keyboards, you can charge this keyboard in any light — low light or lamp light, indoors or outdoors. Fully powered, the keyboard works for at least three months, even in total darkness (based on average use per day of eight hours).

Even though it can charge in low-light situations, it's probably best to put it in front of sunlight every so often. Perhaps take a walk outside at lunchtime to charge your keyboard, and screw those people giving you weird looks for maintaining a relationship with a peripheral.

The K760 is set to be available from Logitech's website within the next week or so for $99.95.

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