You've Got To Be Crafty To Take Down The Empire With This Lego Star Wars Chess Set

This whole rebellion business could have been handled with much more savvy than just blowing up home planets and Deathstars. Both sides could have sat down to a friendly no-holds-barred, all-or-nothing chess match with the fate of the galaxy on the line like civilised people.

This Star Wars: Return of the Jedi chess set from Lego-geneer Brandon Griffith. He began constructing the set — the final piece in a trilogy of Star Wars-themed chess sets — in late 2010 and recently debuted it during Star Wars Days at LegoLand California. This set pits the plucky rebels with an army of Ewok pawns against the full might of the Empire including Jabba, AT-ST's, and the Sith Lord himself, Vader. [Flickr via Brother's Brick - Image: Brandon Griffin / Flickr]

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