You'll Never Want This Gorgeous Pizza Cutter To Touch Melted Cheese

On one hand, there's no point buying a gadget that's so lovely you'll be afraid to actually use it. But on the other hand, this pizza wheel from Rösle is too gorgeous to not have. Who would ever want to muck up that polished finish by subjecting it to the greasy mess that is a pizza?

Only monsters, that's who. Or people who don't have an appreciation for the art of kitchen accessory design, because this wheel deserves a place on a museum wall. Or perhaps just a spot high above your kitchen counters where this $US33 masterpiece can never be mucked up by food or greasy fingers. [Rösle via The Green Head]


    The price is fine, but how often are you actually going to use it and where are you going to store it? I bought a $5.00 cutter from Woollies and it tucks away in the draw nicely when not in use. Also, if that wheel actually spins which I doubt, how do you clean it?

    I'd be concerned about cutting myself fetching it from the kitchen tools drawer. Does it come with some sort of sheath?

    more like an ancient Chinese weapon :D

    IF you actually click on the link you can see the description of it saying

    "With a free running roller blade sharpened on both sides. Ergonomic handle for safe use, and effective pressure distribution. Easily disassembles for cleaning."

    Not to mention as you roll it, all the pizza gunk that sticks to the blade will go up inside the device, I'm sure it would be hell to clean properly!

    I'm pretty sure it's just a circular blade. it doesn't spin you just roll it yourself...

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