You'll Never Run Out Of Deck Space On This Expanding Yacht

It's now pretty common to find motorhomes, and even smaller camping trailers, that transform and expand to increase the amount of living space inside. But the Wider yacht is the first seaborne vessel that features an expanding mid-section to increase its usable deck space, and provide easier access to the water.

It's almost as if the Wider 42 gains an extra balcony on each side, complete with extending floats so that the yacht doesn't lean to one side or the other as riders walk back and forth. But unlike something like a motorhome, the Wider's living quarters aren't increased when it does its transformation. The craft seems more designed to serve as a floating patio and a home base for water activities, hence the dock and matching jetski perched on its stern.

If you think it's completely opulent and over-the-top, you're absolutely right. All of the added engineering and mechanisms needed to make the craft swell and expand without taking on water add quite a bit to its bottom line. Even though in the world of luxury yachts this is a relatively small model, it will still cost you upwards of $US1.12 million. [Wider via Technabob]


    That's actually a tiny boat.

    Yeah, yacht? Maybe to an American. What we call "yachts" they normally call "sailboats", and sort of the same in this case, that's just a motorboat. -It's big sized "luxury" motorboats where we both call them "yachts".

    I take it this was conceived and designed pre-GFC. Because post-GFC there's not many people who would splash out a mil or so on a runabout just because it can puff out its cheeks.

      yeah, 'cause the GFC hit billionaires so hard.

    easy loading side doors, getaway jet ski, paint it black and perfect drug boat

    All the cost of a high end powerboat with the white trash charm of a pontoon boat.

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