You Can Carry Your Entire Windows 8 Life On One Tiny USB Drive

When Windows 8 arrives in October, it'll come with one awesome, unsung feature: you can carry your entire computer around with you on a flash drive, turning any PC you find into your PC.

Business Insider reports the new feature, called "Windows 8 To Go", will slurp all of your OS settings, installed software, and presumably (we hope?) files onto a USB drive. Plug it in to any other Windows computer -- even running an older version -- and it'll be like you're on your home system. We're not sure what the spec requirements for a host computer will be (or how much storage will be needed on each flash drive), but this is a killer, convenient idea. [Business Insider]


    If all your data is stored in "the cloud" then this is a fantastic move.

    If not, it screams of a disaster (either technically or psychologically) waiting to happen.

    Windows To Go is a feature in Windows 8 Enterprise that allows Windows 8 Enterprise to boot and run from USB mass storage devices such as flash drives and external hard drives. It is a fully manageable corporate Windows 8 environment.
    It is intended to allow enterprise administrators to provide users with an imaged version of Windows 8 that reflects the corporate desktop and as such is aimed at enterprises. Creation of Windows To Go drives is not supported by other Windows 8 editions.

      Ahhh, so a bit of a misrep or rather misinterpretation from my side. To the average Joe without Enterprise won't be able to do this.

    MS clones a features Linux has had for five years and makes a big deal about it..what else is new?

    I am still waiting for either MS or Apple to make as amazing a desktop GUI as Linux's Compiz, first released I think around 2006.

      Except MS didn't make a big deal about at all, which sort of makes you look like a troll. And let's be honest, Linux did it as a desperate measure to try and give sheeple a convenient way to try out their OS, not because its actually a handy idea.

        Troll calling a non-troll a troll

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