You Can Bid Online To Destroy This New Zealand Building

Planned building demolition is awesome. Watching explosives reduce a building to a neat, smoking heap of the monolith it once always serves to put a childish smile on my face, and I bet a lot of you are the same. That's why my inner child went nuts when I saw that you can now bid on the chance to demolish a building in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The 14-storey Radio Network House in the centre of Christchurch is scheduled for demolition on August 5, and the Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Buildings Fund set-up to help people repair buildings after the recent earthquakes thought it would be nice to auction off the chance to control the explosion.

The bids are just south of $8000 right now and they're set to close on Wednesday 1 August. The government has said that it will go dollar-for-dollar on the donations and once the auction closes, the money will be donated to restoring the Isaac Theatre Royal — one of the oldest theatres in Christchurch.

The best part? If you win, the cost of the demolition stunt is tax deductible thanks to the fact that it's for charity. Win-win!

Will a Gizmodo Australia user be the one to blow up this building? Make me proud, readers. [National Business Review]

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