You Can Bet On The iPhone 5's Australian Launch Date

Screw pre-ordering the iPhone 5 before it's even been announced, it's much more fun to throw money at bets on when the device will come out in Australia. Great for people with a few dollars and not a lot of sense (as opposed to cents).

Sportsbet is currently taking bets on whether or not Australia will be the first country to get the iPhone 5 when it comes out. Is the bet void if it's called the new iPhone and not iPhone 5?

So far, the punting public are gambling on Australia not being the first, with 94 per cent of money wagered currently placed on "any other country" to have the iPhone 5 first.

Bets on Australia having the iPhone 5 first opened at $1.10 before drifting out to $1.40. Conversely, bets on any other country having the new handset before Australia started at $6.00 before it went down to $2.75.

People are even betting on which carrier will open pre-orders for the handset first. Right now, money is on Optus for that honour.

Technically, isn't the US going to be the first country to get the iPhone 5? I'd happily take that bet.

Image: Cimexus / Flickr

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