Would You Use This Curved Keyboard?

WMPowerUser is reporting that Microsoft's research team is working on this curved software keyboard, leaked from an internal presentation. It even speculates that it might be made available in Windows Phone 8.

It's clearly designed for single-handed use, following the arc of the thumb across the screen and presumably using predictive algorithms to make up for what would surely amount to a lot of mistakes. Whether it's real or not is up for debate, as is the validity of the concept. I think it's a neat idea in theory, but in reality it would be hateful to work with. What do you think? [WMPower via The Verge]


    I miss my T9 text - it involved a lot less moving your thumb/fingers around than an on-screen keyboard does. This looks like it could be awesome.

      Ditto. Got it on my G Note, but use it when i sms. So much faster than using QWERTY

    <3 my T9, but I have to say this concept looks awesome! The same basic idea of T9, except without the need to conform to the touch-tone phone design.

    What about lefties? or people clever enough to use either hand? Is it going to guess which hand is holding the phone?

      You can probably change it, much like you can change between QWERTY and T9 keyboards.

        By hitting menu>layout>orientation>Left or some thing. Or by taking up real estate with a dedicated button. Either way, less convenient than not doing those things.

    Yes. would be great if they could emulate the traditional phone keypad alphabet layout as well. a la android.

    bout time. my thumb gets sore from having to bend in on itself all the time

    I would definitely use it - but it may need a left-to-right switch for ambidextrous users, and they really should seriously consider dropping the QWERTY layout.
    The letters t,y,g,h,b,n are not used often enough to get centre stage - say, compared to: "i (space) a-m (space) s-o (space) w-a-s-t-e-d (space) l-o-l".

    This reminds me of Tony Stark's keyboard

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