Would You Buy A $100, Open Source, Android Gaming Console Designed By Yves Behar?

The Ouya is a concept for a completely open sourced and hackable Android game console designed by Yves Behar (the guy who designed the Jambox and OLPC). When it arrives (if ever), $US100 will buy you the box, a developer's kit, and all the free games you can play.

The vision is that any developer will be able to publish their games on the platform, free of charge, but all the games will be free to play as well. I have a difficult time seeing how this could possibly work out but I'd love to be convinced otherwise. What say you? [via The Verge]


    err... can i monetise my development? free to play is great, but I assume there is going to be a way for developers to, you know, get paid? Unit sales in an app store? If so, it could be an attractive platform for the indie scene.

    "free to play"... microtransactions? what aren't they saying yet? this doesn't add up. i just looked everywhere for info but googlefail.

    ive done some 360 stuff now and been into some gaming graphics work on various platforms and I could see myself doing some dev if i could just get old fashioned unit sales.

    depends on whats powering it from a hardware perspective.

      Agreed, though i'd be happy if it had enough grunt to play the average indie game (for big titles i would just play those on pc or 360 anyway) and stream/play hi def video.

    Lol I can just imagine the adverts popping up at the top of the screen, in between scene changes, when exiting the game, etc etc etc. No thanks. I'll rather pay a premium for fully developed and tested games that have official support than some dodgy wannabe programmers game who wants to just make some quick dough and then forget about the game.

    If it is an Android machine, there is potential for compatibility with Google Play. There's your app store, right there. It'll more than likely be ARM processor based with a decent graphics chip from Nvidia. Can we say Kai? A gigabyte of RAM and some built-in flash memory might accompany the Kai chips to complete the system.

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