World's First Christian Tablet Is Not Worthy

Pandering alert! A bookstore chain called Family Christian has taken a crappy Android tablet, slapped a new logo on it, and rebranded it as the Edifi -- the world's first Christian tablet!

And what makes it a Christian tablet? That would be 27 translations of the Bible, Christian internet radio, and safe search (no porn allowed). For $US149, you can get the holiest slate on the market (save for the Good Book). But really, this is just a 7-inch piece of junk running Android 2.3.

There's a non-religious version for $US20 less, called the Cydle M7. But if you're looking for a deal, you're really better off going with Amazon's Kindle Fire or Google's Nexus 7, or just get an iPad and download one of the many Bible apps out there. But, of course, those aren't officially branded as holy. [Family Christian via Fox News via The Verge]



    Oh I don't know, seems like a faster way to get God's attention. Unless of course, he doesn't have Facebook or Twitter or even an email address..... Definitely faster than Prayer :]

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        Mock evolution all you want, but depending on how you do so you might just be revealing your own lack of education or understanding, or how much you buy into a load of bull you may have been peddled.
        But of course it must be persecution, oh yes, of course. Poor minority group, the Christians.. Oh wait... they're not

        Actually yes, given how religions (specifically Christianity) has persecuted non-believers throughout history (and would still if they were able to), then yes it's absolutely essential that religions should be mocked. And maybe you should check the difference between scientific theory and religious crap, before you start trying the "woe is me" act!

          Haha what a load of garbage. If you're referring to the crusades then they may have done that in the name of religion, but that wasn't their real reason. And I don't even consider them christians - their teachings were not biblical at all. On the contrary, real Christians have been persecuted and put to death for centuries. Brutally murdered, so give me a break. Anyway that's beside the point.

          I'm glad you said scientific THEORY, because that's all it is. There was a time when everyone just assumed there was a God. Now that sciene has advanced in the last few years, they now have become arrogant thinking they can find out all the answers. This idea that there isn't a God is a fairly recent thing. I still struggle to find any concrete proof for evolution at all. You would think if our entire existance was created based on the evolution of living things, there would be SOME evidence of things changing, getting smarter, evolving... there is simply ZERO evidence of advantageous mutations. Zero. People have just shifted their faith to science thinking that we can work everything out now that we know a bit more. I don't think we ever will.

            Show me one relevant and verifiable piece of evidence that your magic man in the sky exists, just one! Meanwhile the evidence for Evolution is based on hard verifiable facts. Why are you even here, surely you don't need technology or scientific knowledge, because all you have to do to get by is put your hands together and make a wish.! Oh, when was the last time you had a wish come true by the way? So do yourself a favor and take a pill, calm down, wipe the shit from your lips and shop elsewhere.

            "I’m glad you said scientific THEORY, because that’s all it is"

            See below pic. Science is THEORY yes, and religion is just a HYPOTHESIS. Your post is amazingly ridiculous. You should get yourself some learning eh.

              Theory = fact?? Theory = explanation how a fact came to be. The fact in this case is that the earth exists. Terrible terrible information. Have another go.

                They are facts which support the theory. Of course until we have the technology to go back in time and actually see what happened, it can really only ever be a theory... All religion accounts are theory's also, as they are not proven, therefor not fact.

                A scientific theory is pretty much fact until better evidence comes along to put question to it, were it is improved. A scientific theory isn't something that a couple of drunks at the pub came up with on a pondering.

            Gravity is also a theory, but you know what lets just disregard that too. In science there is always a margin for error, but these margins for error are so negligible that these finding can be considered a fact. If new evidence were to be found that contradicts what was previously believed the scientific community would be glad to adopt it and come to new conclusions. Religion (the Abrahamic religions specifically) can't do that because they believe the literal truth of their holy books. Christianity is just people 'assuming there is a god'. Arrogance is being close-minded. And lastly, come on... you can't say there is zero evidence for evolution... almost 99% of scientist believe there is, and these people are have a lot more smarts than the average person.

              Your reference to gravity doesn't make any sense. You can't disregard gravity because we are pinned to the earth and know it exists. What it is or how it came to be is a theory only. Just like we know the earth is here, and now we're working on theories as to how that came to be.

              I agree completely. From a religious standpoint, if they reveal concrete evidence that we evolved, then I'll be happy to believe that. The reason the scientific community believes it to be a fact is because they have no other explanation. God is out of the question because by definition they can never find Him with science, that's why he "can't possibly exist". Scientists are only working within the physical constructs of our tangible universe. Anything existing outside of that is automatically dismissed because they can't prove it either way.

              And please show me some evidence that we evolved. Or that anything has experienced an advantageous mutation, through fossils, anything. The smartest minds in history believed in a God. Isaac Newton, who wrote more books about the Bible than he did maths or science. Also Einstein didn't believe in a personal God, but he admitted that something had to have created us. I'm with them.

                Seriously dude take it to one of your christian science meetings or wherever fanatics go for solace. Your banging on the wrong door, this one says "no hawkers" please!

                  This is absolutely ridiculous.
                  As a catholic, I believe in evolution, the church is in support of evolution, pope john Paul II himself publically stated that he completely supported the statement that we are the product of evolution, the only element of divine intervention throughout our creation was the addition of a soul, which Christians believe cannot be produced through evolution.
                  I don't even know why some people still argue about this.
                  Maybe they're just a bit too arrogant to learn a bit about their own faith

            A scientific theory is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment."


            As for no evidence of evolution? It can be observed in viruses.

            The reason that I am an atheist is because there seem to be more experiments that support the theory of evolution than experiments that support the theory of creationism.

            Until you actually understand the concept of "scientific theory" please don't bother to upload any more posts. You've just shown yourself to be totally and utterly uneducated.

              If a theory is basically fact, how can you have multiple theories? Like for gravity, or light (waves vs particles)

          Not to play the devil's advocate here (because in a way, I'm with you) but this is just false equivalence at its finest. I'm atheistic, believe in evolution, have 2 medical/science degrees but this childish internet superiority by militant atheists is just shameful because you're doing exactly the same as what the Christian Right has done for centuries only it's now 'my turn.' Grow up.

          Were you personally persecuted by a religious fanatics 'throughout history'? No? Then why do you think the modern Christian deserves to be mocked? The overwhelming number of Christians are simply practising harmless and life-enriching beliefs. They didn't commit the crusades, and most won't shove their rhetoric down your throat, so live and let live. Thinking it's 'absolutely essential' that religion should be mocked is the same self-righteous, smug and sanctimonious (love that assonance) garbage you think you're protesting against.

          But sure, rage against your made-up machine.

            +1 internets to you, sir.
            Most refreshing and respectful thing I've read from an atheist in awhile.

              For the record, we live in Australia, one of the wealthiest, most liberal/secular countries in the world. Dani didn't grow up in Tel Aviv or Kabul, so this persecution complex by privileged Australians who have the luxury of freedom of religion is insulting to the intellect. They've never been threatened or attacked by zealots, but boy are they going to be upset about it!

              I still have a very healthy relationship with my godfather, who was also my pastor, even after I went to the 'dark side' and not once have I been accosted to be a practising Christian again. Not once. Every religious person I've ever met has been completely respectful and understanding of my position.

            Well said mate

        Where's my reference to evolution?
        But hey, consider yourself mocked.. :)

          That was my whole point about gravity. Gravity is there and we know it, as evolution also is. A good book to read would be "The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution", by, you guessed it, Richard Dawkins. If there is no way of physically proving that God exists then there is no reason to believe that he does exist. Just try explaining how dinosaurs fit into the biblical perspective of the world. They don't and never will because the bible was written before scientific thinking. Isaac Newton was smart man, but he did not know what we do know now. Eisenstein considered himself more of an agnostic than anything else, and resented the idea of the Christian God.

            I posted this in the wrong area...oops.

            Evolution is there and we know it? Can you show me any undeniable proof? Even scientists recognise it's a theory.

            "If there is no way of physically proving that God exists then there is no reason to believe that he does exist."...There's no reason just to believe and do nothing, absolutely. But there are hugely rewarding reasons to follow God's way of life if you read the Bible. It requires faith to believe in what you can't see - that's the entire point. You're missing the point completely if you want to prove it and find God in a test tube first. Anyone can believe in something they can touch and see - that's easy. God is not in the physical realm, which is why we will never find him with science. Science can only test and prove things within this physical world. If you believe this is all there is then sure, science has the answers.

              That is what frustrates me personally about all religion.
              Evolution - "Just a theory! No evidence!"
              God - "You don't need evidence, just have faith!"

              I fully support every single persons right to believe in their God of choice, but the faith thing seems like a cop-out to me.

                I completely agree with you there.

              The book i recommended provides many examples of evolution. But there is no way that you can prove creationism. What you are saying is that the benefits that Christianity has to offer validates the more radical beliefs of Christianity. Its undeniable that being part of a social group, such as a church, may be of some personal benefit, but you can get those benefits from any social group or religion. The same goes for the belief in God. Some people choose to place their faith in a lucky charm;. Its a placebo. There are great messages in the Bible, Psalms and Proverbs are among my favorites, but you need to be careful about what you choose to believe from it or else you'll end up in Westboro Baptist Church. But what it all should come down to is "love thy neighbor", and i don't want to do that because of some promise of a heaven, i want to do it because i love my neighbor.

                Why would you take some parts of the Bible as being helpful or portraying a good message? Two things the Bible can be.

                1) The entire thing is the greatest deception the human race has ever seen...composed and compiled by incredible frauds who never told anyone their secret and somehow got it to gain popularity and circulate it... not only this, but they also got people to believe that it was true. Astounding if you think about it.

                2) Or it's true.

                  3) A collection of stories that have been written an re-written countless times over hundreds of years and spread through various regions. No better than a collection of urban legends, myths and fables.

                  For example the story of Jesus has a lot of parallels with other religious figures (some of which pre-date Christianity)

    Go on I dare you to get it baptized, and use it immediately after.

    I was trying to think of a witty line with About Moses and tablets (ie what the ten commandments are supposed to be written on) but.... FAIL.

      You could do one for the fanbois and say. "God uses android" or something 10x wittier than i can ever make up.

        Perhaps a witty remark on the source of Original Sin, or rather the fruit that bore it's name?

        Admittedly, the apple came from the supposed tree of knowledge, so I guess the argument can go both ways there.

          Original sin didn't come from the fruit, it came from disobeying God's command not to eat the fruit. God could have commanded them not to stand on their head and the Serpent would have found some way to convince them to do that instead.

          Pretty sure it was never "an apple", just "fruit".

    "History" seems to indicate that Christians just can't say no to a tempting Apple.

    Doctor - "Take 2 of these tablets and if Pious ‘ness doesn't become evident... Call me in the morning.”

    I enjoy people mocking my religion, it motivates me to be even more loving towards others because that's what this world is lacking currently. It doesn't matter what you believe in, respect and love is just..basics.

      The entire point of religion is that it DOES matter what you believe in. For atheists, they can have differing opinions on how the world came to be and it doesn't make any difference. If you believe the creator of the universe is a giant frog and you have to stab yourself with needles every day, then it really doesn't help that person at all if you 'respect' and 'love' them. You're being as useless as any other person. You're supposed to make a difference. Plenty of very nice people around that are atheists.

    I am really sick of people using "Christians" as excuses to mock Christianity. Its always easy to mock that which you have no understanding of. Christianity is based on what is written in the Bible not on Christians and their behavior.

    If it wasn't for religion we would be years ahead in science. For example, just in our generation alone millions of lives could have been saved with stem cells, but religion would not allow it. Religion is a fairly tail used to explain things we didn't understand in the past to give people peace of mind.That's all.

      An over-simplified and specifically modern example, sure. You can also counter by saying that the works of most artists in the renaissance and scientists during the scientific revolution where funded or inspired by their faith. Science and religion are not mutually exclusive and it annoys me that people make sweeping generalisations because of the opinions of a vocal minority.

    Religion (all religions) and science cannot co-exist. If you believe in science you cannot possibly believe in God (as defined by any religion). Religions that believe they can co-exist with science simply change there beliefs to fit current knowledge in science and that is even more disturbing.

      Completely wrong mate. I'm a christian and I find science fascinating. There are a lot of top scientists who are creationists. We live in a physical world. Science studies that world and helps create new things, discovers new things... why would religious people have a problem with that? Science certainly doesn't disprove God if that's where you were heading. In my opinion it's the exact opposite. It highlights the incredible design in the world around us.

        The progress of science is constantly hindered by christianity. Christianity has slowly adapted to accept science because of the growing evidence science brings forward and the growing amount of people that believe in this science. In the past all science was against God's will. Christianity is constantly changing as science brings forward more evidence so that the Church can justify is existence and continue business as normal. Religion is just one big business.

          Who are you referring to with these big sweeping statements? Catholics? I don't even really consider them christian - they don't follow the Bible. And science was never against God's will?? I think you might be referring to one particular religion which sounds really weird. Science isn't a belief... If someone does an experiment in front of you of course it's true... there's no faith involved. Religion is a belief and requires faith. I don't remotely understand how science could interfere with religion - normal religion at least. Science is just facts and theories.

      "If you believe in science you cannot possibly believe in God"

      Come to any physics department in any university and you'll realise that there are plenty of religious scientists. Being a Christian doesn't mean you're a creationist, all through history there have been people advocating that the Old Testament is a morality tale. Only a tiny % of Christians actually believe the world is 6000 years old, that pre-Flood humans lived to 400 etc.

      Most modern Christians (especially those who study science) acknowledge that you shouldn't read the Bible literally all the way through. There are large portions in there which are simply unacceptable in most modern societies (eg. penalty of death for any homosexual, any person who works on the Sabbath, anyone who plants unlike crops adjacent to each other).

      There are still valuable lessons in compassion and kinship that can be gleaned through bible study that many find beneficial. Personally, I believe in secular morality so I don't believe faith is a prerequisite for decency, but again... live and let live.

    Why believe in a God? What if as kids your parents or anyone else didn't tell you that Father Christmas or the Easter Bunny didn't exist?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      What are you, 12?

        OMG! Your the one that believes in something that has no evidence and you are calling Peter a child. What a crazy world.

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