New Android Apps: Word Lens, NextCall And More

In this edition of the week's best Android apps, we've got something for photographers, slackers, gamers and more. Check them all out here.

Word Lens: When I studied in Beijing during my years at university, cab drivers would just drop you off somewhere they thought was near your destination if they didn't actually know where you wanted to go. In an unfamiliar place, it was frustrating and super-confusing. I wish I had had Word Lens, which uses your phone's camera to automatically translate things around you. $4.99.

NextCall: Have you called your mother lately? This app will ensure that she never nags you about giving her a ring again by tracking how often you call different people. You can organise your contacts into various categories, make call schedules, and if there are certain people that you need to be reminded to dial, you can set up alerts. Free.

Magic Piano: Your smartphone can be just about anything you want, and with this one you've got a pocket piano on your hands. Even if you don't have any musical talent, you can tickle the ivory by tapping little beams of light. It's got more than 200 songs that will have you on your way to becoming a virtuoso. Free.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Just in time for the new movie, a new Spider-Man game has landed in Google Play. Use your spidey sense to swing from buildings and take on villains in the streets of New York City. $7.49.

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