Wooden Train Dining Table Redefines Playing With Your Food

You know those wooden Brio train tables you see at toy stores? The one's designed specifically for children that are set so low to the ground that grown ups who are still young at heart can't possible use them? That "problem" is exactly what these TrackTile dining tables were designed to solve.

Created by Paul Mottram, the adult-sized tables feature a series of flippable wooden tiles with toy railway tracks on one side that make dinner time about a thousand times more entertaining. They're available in different configurations depending on how you want your railway to look, but the tiles can be mixed and matched as desired, and even flipped over to their smooth side when uptight dinner guests are expected. The smallest version of the table, which seats four guests, will set you back just over $US3000, while a larger six-seat version is a little more at just over $US3500. Not including the cost of the trains, of course, but if you've got kids, there's a good chance you already have a decent supply.

[TrackTile Tables via The Fancy]

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