Windows 8 Will Be Out October 26

We've known that Windows 8 will be out some time in October for a while now, but Steven Sinofsky just announced in a sales meeting that it would be available to customers on October 26.

Upgrading from an older version of Windows will cost $40, while upgrading a brand new computer running Windows 7, bought after June 2, will cost $15.

Beyond that, you are looking at a more expensive upgrade. We've been playing with Windows 8 in beta since February and like it quite a bit. Are all of you ready for a face full of Metro come October? [Windows Steam]



    So realistically we'll be seeing a decent range of touch enabled computers by mid November?

      Yeah, that's what I'm hangin' out for. I was in JB yesterday, checking out the new 15" Samsung Series 9 and its a gorgeous thing but you just know it is going to look so lame in a few months. Retailers are lucky most sheeple are ignorant - most I talk to aren't even aware that Win8 is on the way, despite all the regular press its been getting since the Dev Preview last year.

        Please stop saying "sheeple". You're old enough and experienced enough to know better. It decreases the value of what you say and makes people less likely to give you the attention your words might deserve.

    O crap!
    It means that Surface will come at the end of January... or may be even in February...

    The good thing that if MS will stick with their claim about pricing, it should cost about 200$.

    But it may happen only if Maya was wrong...

    Didn't M$ say that the Surface RT be released same day as Win8 and then 3 months after that you will see Surface Pro?

      Surface RT vs Surface Pro is like fake handset in store vs real phone.

        Yeah Surface RT will launch alongside Windows 8. I realistically didn't expect the Pro to make it out this year anyway. I can wait for it.

        My partner hasn't used a Windows program besides Office, a web browser and media player in the 2 years she has had her current laptop.

        Why would people like this want to pay possibly twice as much for the Pro?

        I'll personally be getting the Pro, but the RT is perfect for non power users.

    Offering a $40 upgrade is possibly the Smartest thing Microsoft has done since Bill Gates "Stole" DOS off his mate. I for one will be spending the money on this upgrade, although I'm still not convinced about Metro.

      DOS was written based off of QDOS, which they bought off of a third party contact that was known to them. Nothing was 'stolen'.

        Pretty sure he was being facetious there dude!

      Agreed, looking forward to upgrading my old laptop to Win8 for a sweet $40. Win8 RC ran great on it and gave it new life :)

    I'll be labelled a hater, but im gonna be getting something with windows 7 before this or a stockpiling a copy of windows 7 before my next desktop purchase. the preview on my laptop was next to unusable with no touchscreen support, and the dichotomy between the two worlds is far to great. things as simple as changing apps have two completely different and seemingly unrelated ways to do similar things. It's just a mess of unecessary duplication. Don't even bother replying with "it's just a start menu replacement" because it's not.
    IMO they need to sort out a lot of things first. Throwing the interface at people is not the way to do it. The halfway house is awkward on anything but a tablet.

    So... If I've got a copy of windows 7 running on a PC it will upgrade to 8 for $40.00..!
    I'm presuming it will know if the OS running is an upgrade to 7 from a previous Will it make a difference? Also will we need to have the original OS installed first, or will it recognise the Win 7 disk instead, as in Windows XP from 95..?

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