Win One Of 10 John Carter Blu-ray Discs! [Updated]

Win One Of 10 John Carter Blu-ray Discs! [Updated]

Author Edgar Rice Burroughs’s battle for Barsoom hit the big screen earlier this year, 100 years after we first journeyed to Mars through the eyes of a Civil War-weary John Carter. Despite some faults, it’s a visually stunning adaptation with first-rate effects. Also neat: the flick is directed by Andrew Stanton, whose long list of Pixar credits include writing and directing WALL-E. Here’s how you can win one of 10 copies Gizmodo has to give away…

Due to Mars’ lower gravity, Carter can jump crazy distances and is roughly three times stronger.

Your challenge to win a Blu-ray copy worth $49.95:
Comment below (in 50 words or less) what you would do if you could jump like John Carter.

Competition closes 4pm (AEST) Wednesday, July 18, and will be judged by Gizmodo’s editors.
Full terms and conditions here [PDF]

For the jump stunts in the movie, Taylor Kitsch was reportedly attached to a harness that had him free falling at a speed of 130km/h. Sounds nuts.

This Blu-ray release includes deleted scenes, bloopers, audio commentary and a featurette that takes you behind the scenes of filming on one of the movie’s biggest production days.

John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins; you may remember each as Gambit and Kayla Silverfox from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Willem Dafoe also gets his CG on as Tars Tarkas, king of the nine-foot tall green martians known as the Thark:

How did you feel when you realised you’d be playing an animated nine-foot tall Alien in Andrew Stanton’s first live-action movie?
I don’t think of it that way. For me, it was just like working a regular movie — but Tars Tarkas wears stilts and great pajamas and then they change it in Post Production. Ain’t that a cool idea?

Have you read the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs on which John Carter is based?
Edgar Rice Burroughs is famous for writing a number of books, including Tarzan, but I hadn’t read any of his Barsoon [Mars] novels before my audition for the role in John Carter. However, as soon as I knew I was going to do the movie, which was after I read the script, I read one of the books. It was important to read it, but once I read it, I didn’t return to it. I didn’t want to rely on it heavily because I wanted to be directed by Andrew’s vision.

Do you believe there could be life out there in the universe?
Why not? We don’t know, so let’s think there is. I remember when I was little I was fascinated by astronauts who went up with their first space missions. I was fascinated by the idea of being in a capsule for a long time. On weekends, I would lock myself in a closet with some food and try to say in there for as long as possible. I clearly had an astronaut fantasy.

The Winners!

Thanks for all of the awesome entries. We had such a great laugh reading through all of them, but of course, there can only be 10 winners. Here’s the list of winners and what they took out the prize for:

LFA won for medal-winning lulz:

Join the Trampoline Olympic Team and win Gold.

Theophilus scored a copy for taking us back in time:

Put my clothes on backwards, chuck on some Kris Kross and Jump, Jump.

• Similar musical fun got Rick a copy:

I would jump around
Jump around
Jump around
Jump up jump up and get down!

• A medley of political satire got MDolley over the line:

Probably run for federal politics.
A) Footage of me jumping up to rescue kittens from trees would make a great campaign video
B) An awesome way to end press conferences
C) More bad-ass than walking in an Australian tracksuit or dong a triathlon in speedos.

Iorden won for entrepreneurial spirit:

I would run a jump service, jumping people across Sydney Harbour for a small fee

Naca-Yoda won on heroic and entrepreneurial grounds:

I would become a professional (or paparazzi) photographer. I could get onto sets and into places no-one else could! Or maybe I could work with rock climbers, securing lines. A search and rescue worker! A window cleaner? Maybe join the SAS and help those boys out? All of the above!

Namarrgon scored for his referential mishmash:

Elevators? Where we’re going, we don’t need elevators.

Mac won for telling it like it is:

I’d play for the NSW state of origin team. And they still wouldn’t win.

• Visual humour got Kimberly a copy:

Sorry, I had a double take – thought you were asking what I’d do if I could jump John Carter. WHOLE other website. I would get lil springs under my shoes like a lil kid, and then make a silly sound effect just for added dorkiness.

• And finally, Musky won for the best and most evil prank I’ve ever read:

Pfft, thats easy, first I’d pay a few people to walk up to my greatest enemy and say things like, “wake up”, “the matrix has you”, and walk off as if nothing happened, if questioned I’d get them to look confused like they had just woken up. Then when my enemy is sufficiently freaked out, I would reveal they are the one. As we both live in Sydney I could explain the visual similarities between our town and the Matrix.

No doubt they wouldn’t believe me so I would offer to prove it. Up to the roof we go where I would use my magical jump powers to jump to the next building, then I’d convince them they can do it too and they won’t be hurt. They jump, pancake, I eat cake and take their stapler.

Congratulations to all our winners!