Wikiweb: The Connection Between Wikipedia Articles Beautifully Visualised

The existing Wikipedia iOS app is fine, but there's nothing particularly special about it. It's touch-friendly and the interface is clean, but that's about all it has to offer. Wikiweb, however, puts the millions upon millions of articles on the online encyclopaedia into a larger perspective by showing how they all relate to one another.

What Does It Do?

It's a Wikipedia reader that visualises each article's connections to one another through colourful, firework-like webs. Double-tap a nodule to read an article, hold one down to dismiss a topic, or tap another to see its connections grow like vines on the screen.

Why Do We Like It?

We often find ourselves playing a game of Wikipedia roulette, aimlessly browsing through various articles. This gives that game some direction by showing how topics connect. It's so pretty and just enough like a game that you could lose hours just playing with the app. The way subjects relate might surprise you, and you just might learn something. [Friends of the Web via SwissMiss]


Download this app for: iOS ($5.49) The best: beautiful The worst: buggy

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