New iPad Apps: Wikiweb, News360 And More

Whip out those iPads — we've got plenty of new stuff for you to download in this week's round of best apps. From Wikipedia browsing, to keeping track of your guests, to discovering news, we've got you covered.

Wikiweb: The Wikipedia app is fine for simple searching, but it does nothing for discovery — or for the eyes. Wikiweb visualises the connections between articles on everyone's favourite online encyclopaedia as firework-like webs. The layout is lovely, and you just might learn something new. $5.49.

News360: Although we have so many resources at our fingertips, it seems hard to find the time to keep up with current events. And which sources are reliable? News360 offers up the best stories of the day, based on your interests, with multiple takes on the same topic. Free.

Guest'd: Want to keep track of who's visited your home? Need to remember the names of people that come into your business? Throw the legal pad out the window — Guest'd is a beautiful way to keep tabs on who comes and goes. The app lets you totally customise your modern log book with original art, and it saves guests' crucial contact info — or at least as much as they're willing to give you. $10.49.

Doodle: Everyone's favourite online meetup service has is now available in easily digestible iPad form. Just like the app you know and love, it lets you schedule all your appointments across platforms and poll the people you're meeting. $2.99.

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