Why There's More To Rising Sea Levels Than Melting Ice

Most simple explanations of climate change suggest that rising sea levels are a result of melting ice in the polar regions. While that's true to an extent, there's a simple piece of physics behind the rising waters that you might not have been made aware of.

This video helps explain why it's thermal expansion that's the real problem -- now we just need to work out how to stop it. [YouTube]


    Let's just assume that our obesity, as a world, has reached the point of weighing down our country's land mass collectively and as the resulting displacement takes place, the sea level's have risen.

    Fuck thermal expansion. I'm gonna blame the fatties.

    Well, its a good thing then that sea levels have dropped because we are in a cooling period.

      This is true! I blame the magic unicorns... and the queen of the fairies isn't much better. All the mermaids will freeze!
      Still, it'll give them perky nipples I suppose...

    Thanks for that, warcroft. If it wasn't for you, we'd have to rely on science.

    Warcroft has been publishing his measurements of falling sea levels in the peer reviewed journals. He'll be popping his references here shortly.

    One thing never taken into consideration is the real fact that the Moon is receding from Earth at a rate of 4 cm per year. The further it recedes, the less swell affect it has on the oceans, thus the oceans will drop, creating a higher water level. Can't stop that phenomenon from happening with a tax...........

    I was recently reminded that water vapour in our atmosphere is another "greenhouse gas" that we can't afford to ignore; where it can multiply the affect of other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.
    As shown in the YouTube video from 'ASAP Science', higher atmospheric temperatures causes frozen water to melt (and expand in volume) into liquid water - but it bears considering that
    1) higher temperatures also causes liquid water to evaporate into water vapour in the atmosphere,
    2) the water vapour in the atmosphere will absorb more energy and increase the temperature again -
    which takes us back to 1) in a recursive loop.
    What we need are some supertrees with heightened powers of photosynthesis that will convert all this excess solar energy, carbon dioxide, and water - and turn it into sugar & oxygen - which can then be used for all sorts of things like eating, breathing, or some sort of fuel cell.

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