Why Is This Classic London Double Decker Bus Doing Pushups? (Spoiler: Olympics!)

When you've got millions of dollars from the International Olympic Committee to blow on preparations for the big games, in addition to beautiful venues and breathtaking stadiums, you're also going to end up with a bit of bizarre local art that's supposed to highlight and reflect the culture of the host country.

And at this summer's Olympic games in London, outside of the Czech team's headquarters you'll find an old London double decker bus that's been outfitted with giant arms letting it do pushups all day long. It's the work of Czech artist David Cerny, and thanks to a set of electric motors and added mechanisms, the full-sized six tonne bus actually moves up and down complete with groaning sound effects as it performs its perpetual workout. But try as it might, no amount of exercise will help it to shed that unsightly double deck. [YouTube via Inhabitat]

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