Who Will Buy An Ubuntu Ultrabook?

Dell has announced that it's planning to bring Ubuntu to the masses. Within a few months, Dell's XPS 13 will be available with an install of Ubuntu direct from the company. But who's going to buy one?

I should point out that, until recently, I was an enthusiastic Ubuntu user myself -- but eventually, I got bored of having to spend so much time making everything work nicely. By contrast, OS X or Windows just... work.

My concern with Dell's move is that, by and large, people who want an ultrabook probably don't overlap much in the Venn diagram of computing with those who use Ubuntu. But then, maybe I'm wrong. Would you buy an Ubuntu ultrabook? And if not, who will? [Dell]



    They'd be very attractive to anyone with a "spare Windows licence" laying around who wanted to save a couple of hundred bucks, I'd imagine..

      Yeah...sure..."licence" (if you know what I mean)

      Given manufacturers pay like $40 or something (not entirely sure, but it's very low) for an OEM Windows licence I doubt it would affect the price of the end product much. Thinking in that manner it's better to just go and get a laptop with Windows to have yet another spare licence.

    I would totally buy one. I have a MBP atm but the way Mac OS is slowly becoming IOS, I'm thinking of switching to mostly using linux (though would still need another OS for the occasional use of AutoDesk Inventor or other tools needed for work). So my next comp will either be a standard MBP with most space allocated to linux or something similar to the above with windows or hackintosh as a secondary OS

    I wonder how easy it is to turn it into a hackintosh, if at all...

    I will buy one.

    I'd buy one. My only issue with Linux has been getting the right drivers.

    I'd happily throw down some hard earned on one. Awesome for coding stuff with easily accessible repositories for Dev software and working out of the box.

    Easier to spend an extra couple of bucks for a windows Ultrabook and put Ubuntu on it, than to buy an Ubuntu ultrabook and a windows license. I love the idea of it, but way too reliant on windows to give it up completely.

    Doubt it would be any cheaper than the same thing running windows (dells history of offering linux machines has proven this), ergo may as well buy the windows version and dual boot so that you can run stuff that Wine cant handle

    If I was looking for s computer, yes I would buy one. The most annoying thing about linux is getting drivers working, but they already will :)

    i'll buy one if it's at least $200 cheaper than the equivalent windows unit


      But it won't be :( I'm pretty sure both MS and Dell like making money too much.

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    this is exactly what i need! hopefully they made sure that the hardware put in it works well with linux though... that has always been the difficult part.. getting the right graphics card and right wireless card

    I would definitely get it if I didn't already have a netbook with lubuntu on it.

    I'd consider it depending on the price.

    If you'd described iOS to anyone before the iPhone and iPad took over, you'd have been laughed out of the room for suggesting anyone would be interested in it. UBUNTU can do way more than iOS or Android and I daresay there is at least as much software available for it as in the App Store, so why not? I haven't looked at UBUNTU for a while but if they have a slick way of installing software, it could work well enough. After all, Android is just another Linux distribution.

      I suggest you check your facts. Android is quite a bit more than a Linux distribution.

        But this is an ultra book, not a tablet. Hence it's competing with ultrabooks loaded with Windows and Apple OS, not Android and iOS.

    I'd get one if I could afford one. Im saving up for the rumored iPad Mini so I can get it on launch.
    I've used Ubuntu a few times on some of my testing computers and I love it. It is a great OS, especially for its price...

    there are few questions that crosses my mind before buying one:
    will it do what i need to do? (specially if it related to my job)
    is it compatible enough with other type of OSs? (for example for establishing a network at home. i always had problem with that!)
    how about updates? for example installing a new codec for playing video files. is it easy enough?
    do i have to have a Linux Expert attached to the laptop? lol

    over all for people who are serious about their laptop functionality it doesn't provides enough confidence (lack of trust in flexibility and functionality of UBUNTU. of course, from a regular user point of view). for gaming? no. for scientific and industrial use? usually no. so far this product losses a big share of the market.

    but people who already have a computer as plan B, people who are active in IT field, people who are interested in open source concept and free OS and are trying to support it, people who HATE Microsoft, people who are interested in new experiences in digital world,... yes they going to buy it.

    I defenitely would. I've been using Ubuntu since 2009 and I can't wait to get a computer preloaded with it for the first time.

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