Who Needs Keys Anyway?

Keys are from the past. Here in the future we have lasers and the internet and retina scanners and keypads and thumbprint scanners. Why are keys junking up our pockets? Down with keys! Down the to abyss of obsolescence along with steam-powered cars and leeches with you!

Do you hate keys as much as I do? Who's up for a revolution?.

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    Because keys work when the power is out and can't malfunction like
    a powered device like a fingerprint reader or retina scanner can.

    We are in the process of slowly replacing every door in our house.
    When we get to the external doors we plan to go keyless, it just
    can't look tacky. Anyone got any suggestions on whether we should
    go pinpad, biometric, wireless fob, or something else?

      samsung make some good looking functional devices: they support nfc, (you can program your phone, paypass credit card, myki etc) they have keypads, some of them even have a key hole if you want that aswell. http://www.samsungdigitallife.com/DigitalDoorLock.php

        Nice. Just need to make sure my new phone has NFC and I might be able to get rid of my keys and wallet soon. It'll be like when we used to all wear watches... now they are mostly for style.

      Remotes similar to a garage door remote to lock/unlock your doors and arm/disarm the alarm are the most convenient. Depending on what automation system you use, you could also use RFID cards or fobs.

    I find keys interesting. Or rather, locks. If you have the
    appropriate time, skills and tools, you don't need keys. :P Also,
    cars are harder to steal because of the evolution of keys, so
    people go for the keys instead. How do you combat that? Lock them
    up. In something else that probably needs a key. (Also it would be
    awesome if you guys could proof read your articles for
    typos/mistakes, even just once! Don't worry, there's online news
    sites that are much worse in frequency of errors)

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    Because they still work when the power goes out. Because if someone
    just needs access to something once, without notice, a key will do.
    No programming needed. Because a thumb print scanner is overkill
    for a bike lock, and it will still work if it gets rained on.
    They're cheaper. It feels good when they go click.

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    The only keys I have are car keys. Yay for no house keys, don't
    have to remember to take, no locking out for me.

    I just don't lock things up that much. I have a car key and a
    garage key (because my garage is 2.5km from where I live and I
    hardly ever go there) but I never lock up my boat or anything else.
    Oh, I do have an integrated combination lock for my bike but most
    of the time I don't have to carry keys with me any more.

    You are guaranteed that your physical keys won't suddenly fail due to a change in the vendor's T&C's. You are guaranteed nobody will open the front door of your house over the internet. You're guaranteed nobody will make a copy your housekeys while they're in your pocket.

      You would connect your front door lock to the internet? Why on earth would you do that?

    Keys are great for all the reasons already mentioned. I normally carry around two ordinary keys (house keys); my car key is separate; and I keep window/letterbox keys separately too. They're not really inconvenient, compared to the other options.

    Make the lock as strong/complicated as you like. On a home front door it's only as strong as the piece of wood with the latch plate in it. Hit/kick any door hard enough and you're in.

    The trade off for convenience, stability and security will be the key for a few years yet.

    I hate keys. I hate things that make my pockets big and bulky.

    I long ago swapped my massive man-wallet, filled with the detritus of twenty years of purchases (receipt for stone-wash denim jeans and a ticket to 'Back To The Future' - check!) for a Dosh Wallet. It's kept the money-and-cards side of my pockets clutter-free.

    Now it's time for the keyless revolution. Down with pocket bulk.

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