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    So we just comment lol :L
    How's everyone :)

    Still looking for my car keys, asked you guys 2 weeks ago if you knew where they are and no one answered, I really am very late for work now!

      Didn't I tell you at the time to go all Jack Bauer on that business and just hotwire it?

        I tried that, then I tried the McGyver trick with a fire extinguisher and duct tape, but no joy, just a sticky foamy mess.

    What was the most awesome thing you folks saw on the weekend? I'll take links and pics or it didn't happen.

      I read this last night.


      Its sorta NSFW but its incredibly funny.

        Dude, that URL looks a little more than NSFW-ish...

          Can you edit it then?, i thought this website was one of those that automatically shortens the URL down.

            no you can't edit it. Why edit something that's so off the planet funny. If you're thinking it's real you gotta have imagination. www.cracked is purely fun - meaning something entertaining in way that is offbeat. The Gerbil thing is a prop for what's in the punch line - metaphoric. Go read it but when you've had enough - because its a bit long - go to the last lines of commentary. You will then get it....

    What do people here think of the Ouya?

    I think it has huge potential, not just as a game console but as a multimedia device.

    Hearing peoples reactions its like there is a law stating that there can only be three video game consoles.

    Another thing? whats with the gap on top of peoples comments?

      Good to see you mind the gap....

      Bad jokes aside though, I have no idea. It's just there, I think. We're planning some big things for our commenters in the next 12 months. Stay tuned on that front.

      As far as the Ouya goes, why anyone would want to play crappy mobile games on their huge LCD panel is beyond me. Did anyone order one?

      I think the demand for the thing shows that people are ready to buy a new console. Looking at you Sony, Microsoft.

        Agreed. If you want to play Android games on your TV - plug your Android phone into the TV!

        Just about all of them can do this and similarly they can all work with bluetooth controllers. (I recently rooted my old Desire HD and set it up as a kind of media centre just for fun. Pretty easy to do and you can run a tablet UI so it looks good on the big screen. Can play games and can also stream and torrent whatever. Pretty nifty and basically free as I had the phone kicking around in a drawer.)

        The Ouya is a good price point I guess, especially for countries lie Brazil where a PS3 is still unaffordable for most. It has that much going for it I guess.

          Oh - you have not read about the guy with the LEGO Brick video thing.

          Many people obsessed with having their 15 seconds of fame turn into a blockbuster Youtube affair by displaying their unexplored talents to millions of watchers who browse internet eternity and wanna-bee heaven, have a transparent view on their life.

          The internet is almost lawless in a mass of technology that allows anyone to access their entertainment at will. The 'transparent' person who uploads content does not follow any set pattern or rules accepting responsibility within the confines of what the see fit in their ethical universe. As limited boundaries are broken new persona's arise and others are either forgotten or become legendary in links, reviews and chat.

          Being watched by others has grown into a personal broadcaster T.V. sport of sorts allowing one to choose when and where their time slot is inserted. Survivalists of this kind of media don't read into comments too much. Sensed, it's absorbed and discarded in an endless pursuit to unravel their their own meaning of contribution as a conduit on the path where together we form the entanglement of communication.

        I put a pledge in for it.

        I pretty much just want it for Minecraft.

      I think it's a giant scam!

      They might be able to make the console for that price. But the r&d for content distribution for it is going to be what kicks them in the nuts. They won't be able to do it for the amount invested.

      It does have huge potential as a multimedia device, I just don't see them pursuing this route.

      The pitch seems to be all about free to play, ad supported or in app purchase gaming.

      Given it runs Android it definitely has the possibility to be a full multimedia device, I just don't see this happening well unless via the hacking community.

        XBMC are releasing an Android version so i doubt it would be that difficult to port it over to Ouya.

          True. Definitely had potential to modders, the issue for me is it looks like it of the box functionality will be low. Potentially too low to engage the average consumer.

          And if it's pitching solely at the modding community it is a small market and one that is already saturated with cheap open source hardware.

          It has gained massive support on kickstarter though so clearly a lot of people more potential than I do.

            Also what people have to realise is that it doesn't to conform to the restraints of a mobile platform, games dont have to sacrifice graphics to favor battery life, the Tegra3 chip is capable of some good graphics, its not PS3, Xbox 360 good but good enough for small indie developers.

            I personally cant wait to see what games and apps people come up with it and the price is decent too.

    Any one import a Nike+ Fuelband? If so, how’s it working for you? Happy with it? Hopefully there’s an Australian release date imminent.

    Do you folk use any social apps? Instagram, foursquare, Path, etc.

    Why? What do you think of them? I think they're kind of weird because they're based on the idea that everyone you know gives a shit about EVERYTHING you do, right down to when you wake up in the morning...

      I use facebook mainly to easily keep in touch with friends and family across australia, as we grow older people move around and social networking is the easiest and cheapest way to not fall out of contact. In saying that I completely agree with you in regards to the people that use it to let people know about the last meal they ate.

      I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I don't use them to broadcast my every move, just every second one :P
      I find myself barely using Facebook. I don't know why. Maybe I'm not very sociable? Now that Mark Serrel's nightmare inducing Meat Face Bieber profile pic is gone, I may start using it more though :P
      But yeah, as for social apps, I only use instagam, because I don't see why I'd want the others. I like taking photos and sharing them, but other information? I don't think it's necessary to let other people know it, and I don't think they really care either. Unless they're stalkers :P

      I dont use any social media, i had a Facebook account but i deleted it because i didnt use it, i have a Twitter account but i only use it to log into a few websites.

      The thing that is worrying me is that in the future, we will be forced to use Facebook, Twitter Google etc... to use everything.

      My philosophy is that no one cares about my opinion just as much as i dont care to give it, if i want to talk to a mate i phone them up or better yet go around to their house and see them personally.

    I saw someone recently with a steel credit card holder/wallet that opens with a pin code combination lock. anyone know where i can pick one up? have spent a while trawling the interwebs to no avail.

      Oooh. That's certainly relevant to my interests! I'll keep an eye out.

      Sorry to disappoint but it sounds like something they bought at a $2 shop, the idea is great, a pin protected credit card holder but after looking around the internet for you i came up the same as you, nothing.

      So my best bet would be to look in all the discount stores.

    I'm using win 8 preview and I think I love it. (so far)

      Same! Been using it since the release preview came out. I don't much like Win 7 any more.
      I had previously used the consumer preview, but there were a few bugs that stopped me from being able to use it, and I was kinda disappointed when I had to go back to 7.
      What are you using it on? Touchscreen/tablet or keyboard & mouse? I've been using kb&m, and I can't figure out why people say it's terrible and meant for touchscreens only. I find it a lot easier and quicker to navigate around the start screen than the start menu.
      (Sorry if I sound a little fanboyish)

        yeah, keyboard and mouse, havent had any problems so far, just getting used to where to go looking for files etc.. its only been a few days though

      That love you think you have will be confirmed in about a month, when you switch back to an older OS.

    I bought a new TV. An LG 42LM6700. It's a great TV and it's ability to record to an external HDD was a huge selling point for me. I love most of this TV, however there are things that annoy me. On most TV products I've used which has a TV guide, you select the program, and if it's on right now you can press OK and watch immediately. LG has done something stupid, something very, very rude. They have made it so when you press OK on the program, it shows the info (That's fine, not a bad idea). However the button selected by default is "Close" and not "Watch TV". This means that if you press OK again, it goes back to TV guide and to watch the program you have to press OK to bring up the info and then press across to select "Watch TV" then press OK again.... This is highly annoying and I have no idea what dimwit thought this is how it should be.... This lead me to thinking. There is so much about a TV that needs to be thought about to improve it's usability. TV's have recently had their biggest shift in user interface since smart TV's hit the market a few years back, but they still don't take the cake... Every single aspect on the TVs usability should be re-thought. I know they're trying, but they're also failing.... I want to build my own TV and design it's user interface from scratch. Everything is important from the volume bar to the settings menu. There needs to be a perfect TV. Do you think Raspberry Pi has this ability?

      Yup. TV GUIs are almost entirely terrible.

      I think the best solution is to view your TV as just a monitor and rely on whatever you input to that monitor to provide the user interface. That way you can choose a TV solely on it's aesthetics and picture quality and have your UI provided by companies that know what they are doing in a user interface.

      TV manufacturers just aren't very good at software - they've never had to be and they still don't have to be. People buy a TV on price and picture and only try out the UI when they get it home.

      I recommend keeping your TV as a monitor and using a PS3, HTPC, XBOX, Apple TV, Android (tablet, phone, Ouya, whatever), Foxtel iQ, Tivo, etc to provide the UI. With most of these options you get constant updates and they are highly customisable. With some - like the HTPC or Android solutions you can effectively create your own UI.

      The Raspberry Pi would definitely be a good cheap place to start - XBMC has already been ported to the Raspberry Pi (and to android devices). You could get one of these now and start your tinkering.

    It looks like Australia is going to be the last country in the world to receive the ICS update 4.0.4 for our unlocked generic Galaxy Note SimCard free GT-N7000. As unfortunately someone from an Allphones Store in Sydney told me, Australia would be last because were a very small market for Samsung... Now how can we change this poor mentality from Samsung towards Australian customers?. Here is the solution: If you are one of many australian customers who have bought an outright Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and are waiting and waiting for ICS update 4.0.4 here in Australia, then ring, email or chat online to Samsung Australia and demand your update. I did it myself but one person cannot make a difference. We need your help on this matter. Otherwise this company will laugh at us because they think we are too easy going and never demand our rights. So wake up and contact Samsung Australia. It is the only way, they will pay attention to us.

      Australia is one of the lucky countries

      If you live in one of those places, you shouldn't bee in such need of an update. Think this about where you were born + in light of LUCKY:


      ....you aren't connected to any form of internet service as you live in 3rd world circumstances and your communication at best is having to walk or ride or drive at least 100 miles to the nearest communication hub.

      ....a mobile phone is a luxury for only those who can afford it as the hidden cost is not the phone but the transmit/receive costs.

      ....demand for power is not in your hand but in the ground that you own. And then that ground can be taken away from you by law.

      The country in which you were born dictates to some degree your ability to understand and accept technological change.

      What phone manufacturers provide is - a working model for many customers across the globe. There are so many different communication needs by users of mobile devices. You can guarantee a model superseding within 3 -4 months and whilst that's all well and good for the great $$$ bonanza for richer or poorer owners of devices, it is not going to make an ounce of difference if you want to complain about an update, because they (the manufacturer) have a plan of distribution as a business model for success and longevity of the product. You will wait anyway, as you are not likely to jump to another plan or update to another supplier. All this is known within the communication industry to support the communication industry, not you the consumer. You need it, and you will pay whatever you are led to believe is a good plan.

      Whilst 1st worlds look at mobile technology as primary need - 'what country will survive best' when the issues of depleted power becomes an important agenda to institute requirement for these companies to R&D suitable resource replacement for their technology in our society, which they have instilled over generation. The responsibility of the user having a collection of gadgets or gadget hungry, now with apps, will have its flow on effects, but who's to blame. Are we so stupid that as we get older we fall into the same trap over and over, accepting something that is not completely resolved of what next.

      The reason I started out on 'where were you born, tells another story about what the 1st worlder's once owned is now discarded in the backyard of their less wealthy partner on this earth and recycling of technology is not high on the agenda of companies who reap the benefit of this race for the gadget revolution.

      And how much are you mindlessly contributing to this fiasco?

      It is already known that Coal-Oil-Gas may last for another 60 or so years, certainly not 80 as we are sucking it up like there is no tomorrow. My kids kids will experience that firsthand. Wen you next look at your devices try thinking about ways to minimize having any more than one device for everything and get rid of the rest, stick with one plan that's preferably, and you'll have to do some homework here, R&Ding new resources - some are involved in solar energy and battery design for mobility and length of use. It is not a simple affair of picking the latest device anymore because their similarity rests in what is happening behind the scenes. An you will find out in your assessment of manufacturers - who is the biggest polluter even when they have a green energy approval rating - that regulation in industry for you.

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