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    Tell me, readers, for I am confused. Do I need a tablet? I've long fawned over gadgets like the Nexus 7 and the iPad 3 but I really don't know if I'll need it because I'm already an ultrabook owner. Do you own both? How's it going?

    On a side note, you'll never believe the tablet I'm testing right now. It's enormous!

      I have two desktops and a laptop.

      Depends on what you want to do with it. If your looking for the full functionality of a pc then an ipad / tablet is probably a bit limited. But in saying that it does do a majority of those things. Email, surf the net, games (not a good looking as on pc), youtube, etc. I use my desktop for serious games, but I have always asked my mrs to buy my an iPad so i can play some fun little games whilst I'm chillin on the lounge after dinner. One thing I want is that I browse the web alot. You can literally get on the net in no more than 5 seconds on a tablet, less for checking emails. It's better that way so you don't have to crank up ur desktop just to check on Gizmodo news.

      So in short. You would need a tablet for quicker access to certain things, but if you need the full blown power of a desktop (gaming, photo/video editing, data storage), a tablet would be of little use.

      Luke, you'll want a tablet, of course... It's not really likely that you'll need one though. I got one because I wanted one, it's packed up somewhere useless.

      Still hard to say anyone "needs" a tablet I think.

      Whether you'll use it and enjoy it if you have one though, that is more likely.

      I have a tablet (ASUS TF101), a laptop (DELL P.O.S.), a Kindle (not a fire) and an HTC One XL. You'd think with a phone with a big screen, a lappy and a Kindle that I wouldn't use the tablet but I most definitely do and I enjoy it. Absolutely don't need it but I like having it.

      Toshiba 13"???

      How is it? any notes before the full review?

      I'm interested as I'm thinking when Win8 is out there will be convertible lappys with removable tablet displays this size. If the size works on a tablet it will make for a much better laptop when docked.

        Yeah the Toshiba 13"! Are you following me?

        First impressions: It's a huge tablet, almost too big. It makes no sense that this thing should be portable. It's the 17-inch gaming laptop of tablets.

        Right now I'm using it as a fourth (you heard me) screen on my desk and it's really nice . It looks great on vertical orientation, too.

        Stay tuned!

    Answer me this. is it pronounced 'Gizmo do' or 'Gizmodo' like dodo?

      It sounds just like how it's written: Gizmodo (Giz-mode-oh).

        Riddle me this.... How do you pronounce Giz? Is it Jizz? Jizmodo?

          Certainly not, Matt. It's Giz with a hard G. You'd say Giz like you'd say Git, Go or Gimli.

    Hi Luke - you have entered that tablet Nexus. You need it. Like all great tech, once you have one, you find exciting ways to leverage. Genuinly you will be changed. In fact, my wife never turns on her computer any more, the iPad is everything she needs. For me, it is symbiotic iPad/laptop relationship. I now have the right tools for the task. Sometimes I need my laptop, others, just taking the iPad is more than enough.

    Dive in. Feel the geek with-in. Luke, you need a tablet. you need to be complete. Stop drooling....:)

    The problem I have with tablets right now is that there are about four of them that fit my needs. What I want is the perfect tablet. If you could manufacture the perfect tablet what would it have?

    I'd have the screen of the iPad 3 in an 8-inch form factor, all the operating systems including iOS, webOS and Android, NFC, a battery that goes all day and a light footprint. Oh to dream...

      That's a nice list. 4:3 or 16:9?

      How about something like the ASUS Padphone (but thinner and lighter and higher res) only when you don't have your phone in there it runs Win8, when you do it runs Android (tablet view) from the phone?

    Just a quick question ......Why are there so many Blue html type words that only link to winning an iphone or the chance to win one all through Giz articles and even the main pages ?
    I know it's spreading everywhere, but this seems like a new low point in advertising .......

      Hey mate. We're not doing that. Sounds like a symptom of some really annoying malware. You have my sympathies.

        Thank you Luke (sheepishly types )
        It was called "TEXT ENHANCE". I have never had it before and I thought as a few of my mates had this going on I'd ask if it was "site based".
        I've now nailed it , it apparently lives in a browser cookie without showing up in scans as anything .

          No probs. The same thing happened to my father-in-law. Bloody thing's damn near impossible to get rid of permanently.

          Just wanted you to know we'd never obnoxiously advertise like that! Hope it works out.

    What does the toshiba run on Luke?

    I'm a big pro tablet user. Our home PC broke maybe a month ago and I'm only just looking at replacing it now because I need to do my tax. (c'mon! Release a tax app!)

    I will concede I use it differently to most people here though, it's primarily a couch device that occasionally makes it into the bedroom when I'm sick and the kitchen when I'm cooking, I think it has left the house once since I bought it.

    Since I game on PC less than consoles now days it really covers the majority of my bases which is reasonably comprehensive Internet abilities, fairly zippy and low power footprint.

    The only thing I want is maybe a 12 inch screen and a faster recharge time. 12 hours plus in the new iPad is pretty impractical.

    What do you think you need NFC for?

    Any one import a Nike+ Fuelband? If so, how's it working for you? Happy with it? Hopefully there's an Australian release date imminent.

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