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    The increasing use of GIFs on Gizmodo is annoying. They're low quality, slow-loading and don't add much to articles.

      I like them as I cant view flash at work.

    I have been swindled, yesterday i tried to make an order from ThinkGeek, when it came to the final payment processing it came up with "Order cancelled by processor" and Thinkgeek tried to say that i never made an order and the money that came out was a authorisation hold and could take 2 -4 weeks to get the money back into my bank.

    It sucks but i will never buy anything from thinkgeek again.

      That's a shame seeing as how they have such great stuff.

        Yeah, it does, it might have been a bit hasty, but i tried it again straight after the first one because i thought it may have been just an one time error but, it came with the same error again so i checked my bank and discovered they have taken two lots of $84, so i am now down by $168 and the possibility of not getting my money back for nearly a month.

        I received a reply email from ThinkGeek and they said that no money had charged which normally doesn't of there is an error with the transaction and said something about an authorisation hold but could take 2 - weeks but depends on my bank.

        The whole situation is bullshit.

    No, its the tragedy of tragedies, I am starting to get email spam, i have been using my email for nearly ten years now and never had spam.

    I have an email just for spam and websites that seem suspicious.

      I was thinking the other day that the level of Twitter spam I get when I mention key phrases like iPad and Apple have dropped to virtually zero! Quite nice. Although gmail seems to be letting a lot of spam through now. Boo.

    I find it funny, as an "older" geek (45yo) the battle lines of unix/Linux and "others" never fade. I was amazed at the Samsung/jelly bean article evocked so much passion. I mean, the obvious was totally overlooked. Samsung is competitive as much as Google. Neither owe or need each other for success. Yet, reading that article felt to me to ignor all geek business history. Who needs a crystal ball when, a simple good search will tell you what will happen. These relationships never last - but both will survive. I just wish the editors realize "last year" isn't a good indication of what tomorrow holds.

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